Gettin Giddy: The Civil Wars-Barton Hallow

There are just some albums you cant help but get giddy about…..
The Civil Wars-Barton Hallow

It is easy to forget that good songwriting can make anything great. Take the most basic of foundations: two voices, a guitar, and sometimes a piano. In most hands this would get tired after a few tracks, but used in conjunction with solid songwriting, it is masterful. This is the case of The Civil Wars.

Comprised of John Paul White and Joy Williams (yes, THAT Joy Williams), the music of The Civil Wars is haunting, delicate, and moving. Barton Hallow is their debut full-length; a collection of Americana folk songs that are diverse and powerful. Every track has a constant spirit of melody and depth, but never really sounds like the song before it. Perhaps, because every story cannot have the same sound track, and at the end of the day, that is what folk is all about.

To understand better, watch the official music videos for the albums two lead singles:

Poison & Wine

Barton Hallow

Before the release of Barton Hallow, The Civil Wars released a series of videos of them playing some of the songs that would make up the album. Below is one of those videos


We highly recommend this album to anyone who loves great music. The melodies are hypnotic, the songs are masterful, and the performances are flawless. Barton Hallow is a classic album from beginning to end.

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