American Idol Season 10 Power Rankings W/O Pia

I could not believe it.  I watched Good Morning America this morning.  All they talked about was the government shutting down, earthquakes in Japan and fighting in Libya.  Didn’t they hear that Pia Toscano was voted off of American Idol Season 10 last night.  Where is that 20/20 guy when we need him?  Why isn’t George Stephanop??? (who can spell that) grilling Ryan Seacrest?  We need Geraldo Rivera (what? he works for the Fox guys now so he ‘s conflicted?)

Pia Toscano Leaves American Idol Season 10This has gotten so bad that Texas folk hero and future Ohio darling Colt McCoy said on Twitter that he is going to stop watching now that his favorite is gone.  Really, I always thought of Scott McCreery as the singing Colt. But this is amazing.  Twitter world blew up last night.  Season 8 Idol Michael Sarver was calling for a re-count. I had more than 50 tweets about Pia’s departure from American Idol Season 10.  Well if ABC will not get on the case I can offer some in-depth analysis.

This is a hard one to understand.  Pia Toscano has sung perfectly every week.  Casey Abrams, Paul MacDonald, Stefano Langone, Lauren Alaina and Haley Reinhart should all have gone before Pia Toscano.  I could understand if one of our favorites, Christian musician Jacob Lusk, was voted off last night.  As brilliant as he is, he has had some rough moments and his comments in Wednesday night put him in grave danger.  I could even get it if Christian musician Scott McCreery had been voted off.  As popular as he is, his deep voice and commitment to country music limits his audience.  The only performer who had been as consistently good as Pia Toscano was James Durbin.

Could it have been the judges?  Many are saying they  used their save too early on Casey Abrams.  Their very guarded criticisms of all the performances, while uplifting and kind, did not give America much to work with to distinguish the talent between this year’s Idols.

I got!  IT’S GWEN STEFANI’S FAULT!  Who could vote for someone performing in their cow jammies!

Seriously, this is an uber talented young lady who is handling this shocking result with transparency and grace.  Anyone who thinks she is a diva or an ice princess, please just watch this short interview of Pia Toscano from last night.  I am a big fan and if you are as upset as we are about this turn of events I encourage to join me and  buy Pia Toscano’s American Idol Season 10 EP.  With that, the show must go on.

American Idol Season 10 Top 8 Power Rankings

1) Jacob Lusk- I know Jacob Lusk stupidly challenged (see the video), and maybe angered, American Idol voters.  That, and his performance slot at the very opening of a long, good night of performances, landed him in the bottom 3.  But seriously, is there anyone on American Idol Season 10 capable of reaching the vocal heights of Christian musician Jacob Lusk?  We have seen what he can do with “A House Is Not A Home” and “You’re All I Need.”  Everyone has been telling him to hold back.  He did on Michael Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror” and you tell me what was wrong with this performance.

2) James Durbin- He took a big risk and went against the wishes of Jimmy Iovine to sing a quiet song on rock week.  With the theme that everyone anticipated would be an excuse for him to show his full rock beastliness with something from Guns n Roses or Led Zeppelin, James Durbin went the opposite direction.  It worked.  While everyone else went crazy with big rock and soul numbers, James changed the pace in the middle of the show and forced everyone to listen to him and to see him.  We liked what we heard (he is an amazing singer who was not off key as some have claimed) and we liked the sensitivity we saw in this bigger than life rocker.

3) Scott McCreery- If we are being honest, it looks like Christian musician is the favorite to win American Idol Season 10.  He has been popular from the beginning.  Each week he is stretching his act a little.  He has a distinctive style and he is very, very likeable.  His rocking performance of “That’s All Right” demonstrated a much more expressive and daring performer than we anticipated.  Get ready for a repeat of Season 8 when the finals come down to a battle between the bigger than life rocker (James Durbin/Adam Lambert) versus the Christian southern heart throb (Scott McCreery/Kris Allen)

4)Lauren Alaina- It seems as if Lauren went through Hollywood Week without a care in the world and suddenly was rattled when American Idol Season 10 went live.  Early on she did not trust her voice and tried to carry her performances with her substantial personality.  Building on her duet with Scott McCreery in last week’s results show, Lauren allowed her voice to carry “You Make Me Feel (Like A Natural Woman).”  She trusted her voice to hit some big notes and she did it without any problem. If she continues to relax into her singing skills, picks harder and harder songs each week and quits thinking so much Lauren Alaina could join the top 3.

5) Haley Reinhart- I have liked Haley Reinhart since the beginning of American Idol Season 10. She has an amazing voice, maybe better than Pia’s.  However, it does not seem that Haley knows who she is as a performer.  On Wednesday night she mauled “A Piece of My Heart.”  It was a thrilling vocal performance.  Yet, I did not feel the song.  Haley’s mood was too bright for that gut bucket blues number. For Haley Reinhart to be successful on American Idol or in her post Idol career, she needs to drop her shield, become more vulnerable and find a purpose for her music.

6) Stefano Langone- If I were ranking vocal capability, this is exactly where I would rank Christian musician Stefano Langone.  We have seen that “blood on the floor” emotion from Stefano that we have not yet seen from Scott, Haley or Lauren.  However, it seems Stefano Langone is in conflict with his heart.  Stefano’s most breath taking moment was when he sang the gospel song “I Need You Now.”  Nothing since has reached the heights of that moment.  He is like the sensitive guy who wants to be cool.  I think Stefano Langone is a gospel singer who wants to be an R&B star. Stefano, be the cool sensitive gospel singer and fulfill your destiny.

7) Paul MacDonald- He had his best moment of American Idol Season 10 this week. He was able to close Rock n Roll night with a rousing, and I mean rousing, version of “Folsom Prison Blues” that ignited the entire studio.  For the first time this season I thought I might want to go see Paul MacDonald in a club.  Paul would have made it to the finals of Season 9 but I think his days in Season 10 are numbered.

8)Casey Abrams- He seems to have lost his equilibrium since he was sick.  That is understandable because he was seriously sick.  He had a patch of bad performances and followed his save with some solid but forgettable performances.  I do not think the judges wasted their save on Casey.  He deserved to last until at least number 9.  I would have chosen Pia over Casey but that wasn’t the choice the judges had.  I think Casey will go home in the next two weeks and that is nothing to be ashamed of.

Join us Wednesday night when the American Idol Season 10 Top 8 songs from the movies.  I have never enjoyed this theme but I do remember Kris Allen igniting his run to the Idol crown with “Falling Slowly” from Once.  We will live blog the performances, vote and hope for the best.

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