American Idol Season 10 Top 5 Power Rankings

American Idol Season 10 Top 5American Idol Season 10 Top 13 featured five Christian musicians (Ashton Jones, Stefano Langone, Jacob Lusk, Lauren Alaina and Scott McCreery). Now that we are down to the Top 5, three Christian musicians remain and Scott McCreery looks like a shoo-in to make it to the finale.

The theme for this week is “Songs From Then and Now” featuring a modern song and a song from the 60′s.  That means the Idols should have no problem selecting songs that suit them well and they get two chances to show their best.  This is a strong Top 5, anyone could win but some need to turn up the heat to make it to the finals.

American Idol Season 10 Top 5 Power Rankings

Three big questions coming in American Idol Season 10‘s Top 5 performances. Can Haley Reinhart ride her momentum into the finale or did she begin to find herself too late? Can Jacob Lusk regain his swagger after several weeks of tentative performances? Can Lauren Alaina let loose with her talent or has American Idol grown too big for her tender age of 16? If these three cannot answer these questions it looks like James Durbin and Christian musician Scott McCreery are destined for the finals.

1) James Durbin- Jennifer Lopez said on Wednesday night that James Durbin has been good every week and has had no stumbles in American Idol Season 10. I agree. He loves hard rock music and it undermines his vocal talent.  That is why we all were amazed a few weeks ago when he sang “When My Guitar Gently Weeps.”  This week was another of those moments when you stop and marvel at James Durbin‘s vocal talent and arranging skills.  He is starting to feel like a combination of Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. His performance of “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” has moved James to the top of our American Idol Season 10 Top 5 power rankings.

2) Scott McCreery- On all of measures of fandom I can find, Scott McCreery is far ahead of the other Top 5.   He is a nice looking young man who exhibits humility and a sense of humor.  Scott has a unique voice, a deeply expressive interpretive style and is very clear as to the type of performer he will be.  Get ready Grand Ole’ Opry because a new Randy Travis is on the way.  This week he changed pace and showed a different flavor to his voice with his country flavored version of “You’ve Got A Friend.”  I will be shocked if he does not make it to the finale.

3) Jacob Lusk- He is a magical performers with an other worldly voice, but I think American Idol Season 10 is starting to get the best of Jacob Lusk.  The voice is still there.  This week’s “On No Not My Baby” was strong, with a cool skat run in the middle, but there does not appear to be much joy or confidence in Jacob’s performances over the past few weeks.  It seems if he is performing to not be eliminated.  This week’s theme is perfect for him.  Andre Crouch wrote some iconic gospel songs in the 60′s and I would like to see him perform “Believe” from Jennifer Hudson’s new cd.  Jacob Lusk may go this week, so I hope to see some full gusto performances from him this week.

4) Haley Reinhart- This was an odd week for Haley. She has been the coolest cat on American Idol Season 10.  None of the criticism form the judges or the mentors has seemed to bother her all season.  She took a few trips to the bottom 2 with big smiles.  She seems to be the one person who is just happy to be on American Idol.  Over the past few weeks she seems to have flipped a switch and is delivering consistently strong vocals and heartfelt performances.  She has momentum.  Then, when Jimmy Iovine said she must find herself as a performer she drops a bleeped profanity on live television that even upset the unflappable Ryan Seacrest.  The thing is Jimmy is right and Haley confirmed his opinion when she tried to rebut him by saying her style was soulrockbluescountryjazz.  Haley, all styles are no styles.  I don’t know if that out of character display will hurt her with the voters, but she does not have much margin for error.

5)Lauren Alaina- I think Lauren Alaina will have the biggest career of all the remaining Idols.  She is attractive with a great sense of humor and stage presence. We have seen her wow us with her singing, mostly in duets with Scott McCreery.  It is beginning to feel like she has not developed the confidence, at the age of 16, allow her talent to shine each week on American Idol Season 10.  Each week the judges, the mentors, the vocal coaches push her to let her voice fly and each week she is afraid.  Lauren Alaina may have a television special before she is old enough to drink but I think she has reached the limit of her maturity on American Idol Season 10.

Join us on Wednesday night as we live blog the American Idol Season 10 top 5 performances.  Each Idol will be performing two songs so it should be a fun filled evening.


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