American Idol Season 10 Top 6 Results Live Blog

Look out,  Haley Reinhart is making a move.  Last night she overcame technical problems and a horrendous arrangement to deliver another killer vocal and her most nuanced stage performance yet.  Haley’s “Beautiful” was fast and slow and fast and slow but it did not matter.  Haley Reinhart’s voice and spirit overcame all that mess.  On top of that, she just completely overwhelmed Casey Abrams in their duet of “I Feel The Earth Move.”

James Durbin and Christian musician Scott McCreery deftly changed pace from the rest of their seasons and probably solidified their places in the American Idol Season 10 finale. Scott eschewed his country stylings and changed his tone for a beautiful moment with “You’ve Got A Friend.” James Durbin mesmerized America with a soft acapella opening to “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.” He couldn’t hold the quiet and reverted to rock for the closing but America was hooked.

Casey Abrams and Christian musician Lauren Alaina did what they do.  Casey played the crazy man, again, with “Hi De Ho” and Lauren charmed with “Where You Lead” but her vocals were too tentative to live up to this stage of the competition.

Are the producers trying to end Jacob Lusk‘s run on American Idol Season 10? On this critical night for Jacob he was forced to deal with the Carol King songbook and, for the second time in three weeks, he was stuck into the lead spot on the show.  On top of all that, the judges made their positive critique sound negative.

Can Christian musician Jacob Lusk overcome all of the factors working against him this week?  Has Haley Reinhart waited too late assert her talent?  Has American Idol Season 10 outstripped Lauren Alaina‘s maturity as a performer?  Is America finally ready to end the “Casey Abrams Monster Mash” tour?

It is time to find out as we live blog the American Idol Season 10 top 6 results and watch Bruno Mars and Crystal Bowersox perform.

Ryan is predicting that fans are going to be disappointed with tonight’s result.  What does that mean?  Don’t all of the Idols have fans? Aren’t some people always disappointed with the results?

Time for phase one of the results.

They are going through the Idols one at a time and Jimmy Iovine is summarizing his overall thoughts about each Idol.

They start with Haley Reinhart. I agree with Jimmy Iovine that Haley’s flaw is that she doesn’t know who she is an artist.  Haley takes great offense at Jimmy’s comment then proceeds to prove him right by saying, “well, I wish someone would terll me.  I hear the soul in me….and the blues…and some rock….and some country.” Listen to yourself , Haley.  With all of that, Haley Reinhart is safe.

Next up is Scott McCreery.  Jimmy thinks Scott has a subtlety that will serve him well as an artist but could hurt him on Idol.  Ryan did not give Scott’s status?

Then Ryan brings Lauren Alaina up to be reviewed. Jimmy thinks that Lauren only hears the negative feedback but that Lauren is in Idol for the long run. Ryan did not give Lauren’s status either?

Then Ryan brings Casey Abrams up for a review.  Jimmy thinks Casey is a great musician but that he growls too much.  Ryan frustrates us all again and keeps Casey’s fate secret.

Forty minutes in and no closer to a result.

James Durbin is under review now.  Jimmy thinks that James is much more believable when he sings a melody.  When he sings hard rock, not so much.  James Durbin is safe.

Jimmy Iovine did not like Jacob Lusk‘s performance and thinks Jacob is on banana peels this week.

Lauren Alaina is safe. Casey, Jacob and Scott are left waiting the results.  We don’t know if these are the bottom 3 because Ryan has said the results are revealed in no particular order.

Finally, time for the results.  Jacob Lusk is safe, hallelujah!

Casey Abrams is going home. He has had a good run but this is the right time for Casey to depart.

Join us this weekend when we post our American Idol Season 10 Top 5 power rankings.


  1. Jim Richardson says:

    Great result. I bet Scotty had the most votes, but they did it this way to just have his fans get worried once this year. Now he’ll be safer than ever.

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