American Idol Season 10 Top 7 Live Performances

Looking back on American Idol Season 10, it has been a really fun season.  Starting with the drama of Hollywood week through today, there have been consistently good performances punctuated with some truly remarkable moments.  The highlights for me so far have been Christian musician Stefano Langone singing “I Need You Now ” while on the brink of elimination, the Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams duet during the top 8 results show and two from Christian musician Jacob Lusk. First, during Hollywood week we saw a snippet of his “God Bless The Child” and it was remarkable.  I normally do not like for Idols to repeat performances, but I will take another helping of that please.  Secondly, I smile every time I listen to Jacob’s recording of “Your All I Need to Get By.”

Only six episodes left and Christian musicians hold four of the top 5 spots in One21′s American Idol Season 10 Top 7 power rankings. Christian musicians Jacob Lusk, Scott McCreery, Lauren Alaina and Stefano Langone join James Durbin in the top 5.  We believe Scott McCreery is destined to win American Idol Season 10, Jacob Lusk is our favorite and James Durbin has had the best season of all the Idols.  We have loved watching Lauren Alaina regain her confidence and blossom as a performer over the past few weeks.  Finally, we admire Stefano Langone’s grit and determination as he has fought elimination all season.

Join us now as we live blog the American Idol Season 10 Top 7 performances of “songs from the 21st century.”

Scott McCreery starts the evening off with Lee Ann Rhimes “Swingin’.” Each of the last three weeks the lead performer has landed in the bottom 3.  I guess we test the strength of Scott’s popularity tonight. Another relaxed, confident down home performance from Scott.  The song is not that great and it was a little bit of a let down.  I agree with J-Lo that we needed more from Scott. Randy is right it was a little safe.  Scott has a great chance to win this but he needs to pick up his game.  It feels like he is cruising.

Lauren Alaina just told Scott McCreery that there are 15 million girls pointinga  finger at Randy Jackson right now.  She is probably right.

Muse comes to American Idol Season 10 courtesy of James Durbin. He is singing “Uprising”, very cool. Time to fasten our seat belts for James’ self proclaimed “post apocalyptic    protest.”  He had a drum corp and he was holding a riding crop? It was his worst performance of the season.  His lows were rough and he went way too high on the chorus. Everyone was excited about the performance but I thought it was clumsy.  The judges loved it, calling it the best of the night? It was only the second of the night. Steven said he was channeling a T. Rex vibe.  Is there another T. Rex that I don’t know about?  There is nothing about that even remotely resembles Marc Bolan.

I am excited that Haley Reinhart is singing Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep.”  Jimmy is right on when he challenges Haley on the meaning of the song.  That is her weak point. Yes, yes, yes, yes Haley!  You got it girl.  That was awesome.  Haley just took a very modern song by a highly respected singer and she slayed that song.  She could release this as a single now.  She brought a rough blues tinge to the song.  Randy and J-Lo was not as exuberant as me.  No matter, we love us some Haley Reinhart tonight.  This was the first time Haley put it all together in an American Idol Season 10 competition performance.

Jacob Lusk in a shiny suit singing Luther Vandross’s “Dance With My Father.” Can Jacob perform this song?  He broke down in the rehearsal because he lost his father at the age of 12. Jacob Lusk is a charasmatic singer.  He lost the track at the beginning but recovered like a pro.  I was worried that he would lose it on this very dramatic song, but he was very controlled and allowed the emotion of the song to carry his performance.  Randy complained that we have lost the old Jacob.  So he has listened to and responded to the critiques? I am very much out of sync with the judges tonight.  They seem to be lauding bombast over controlled singing.  I thought this was another very special Jacob Lusk performance.

Casey Abrams is singing “Hard to Breath” by Maroon 5.  I am not sure what to say about that.  The rock n’ roll parts I loved.  However, he interspersed some robotic stage stomping that I did not like.  I loved the skatting but I hated the silly ending when he kissed J-Lo.  Randy liked that he took chances.  J-Lo had nothing to say.  Steven had a lot to say but we could not hear it on broadcast television.  That was a good, interesting Casey Abrams vocal. However, a big part of Casey’s mystique is that he is beatnik cool.  That performance was awkward and manic.

Stefano Langone is performing Ne Yo’s “Closer.”  I don’t know this song so let’s see what happens, it is good he is doing something up tempo. That may have been the end of Stefano Langone’s run on American Idol Season 10. His vocal was all over the place.  He rushed with the tempo.  He seemed to struggle with his breathing.  Tonight Stefano seemed like an amatuer competing on a singing competition. Randy and J-Lo liked that?  Am I watching the same show as the judges?  They are cool on the performances I like and they fawn all over performances I don’t.  The dancing and the tight t shirt may get him some votes but for me that was bad Stefano Langone.

Lauren Alaina, who I am coming to believe is the funniest of the remaining Idols, closes the show with “Born To Fly” by Christian musician Sara Evans. Oops, Scott McCreery may have some competition.  That was a great vocal on a light song.  She had some great runs in the chorus. Steven loved it, of course. J-Lo encourages Lauren to stretch and go for some big notes.  Lauren Alaina is gaining momentum every week and this performance just adds velocity to her ascent on American Idol Season 10.

Thank you for joining us tonight.  Now go vote and come back tomorrow night as we live blog the American Idol Season 10 Top 7 results.


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    Liked Lauren best tonight.

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