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So finally, American Idol Season 10 had a “girls night.”  All the girls who have been sent packing on American Idol Season 10 were there as a premonition of what was to come. Yeah, Paul MacDonald was there but he had no voice and he was still wearing his suit from last week, yuk!

American Idol Season 10 Top 7 Performances

Haley Reinhart took the night with her daring song choice and cool, bluesy performance.  Haley’s interpretation of Adele’s “Rolling in The Deep” was nuanced and deeply felt.  That was easily Haley Reinhart‘s best performance of American Idol Season 10 and easily the best of the night.  Christian musician Lauren Alaina‘s comic performances in the pre-song snippets were as impactful as her performance.  Lauren soared through Sara Evan’s “Born To Fly” with ease and even added some of her own flava to the chorus.  To be honest though, “Born To Fly” should not be a challenge for Lauren Alaina so we did not learn anything new about her singing talent.  However, as each of the Idols were roasted in their pre-performance videos, Lauren Alaina was consistently funny, with the right tone and good timing.  Can we say future star?

For the boys, the night was not so good.  James Durbin, in his worst performance of the season, and Casey Abrams overreached in trying to push popular songs by Muse and Maroon 5.  James lost control of his vocals and ended his season of perfect singing.  Casey Abrams‘ performance was manic and disjointed.  However, I think they will both be safe because Christian musician Stefano Langone stumbled through Ne Yo’s “Closer” on a night he needed to be perfect.  If we had some honest judges this season, he would have been skewered.  He struggled at the bottom of the range, struggled to maintain tempo and struggled with his breathing in the up tempo song.  Scott McCreery strolled through another country song and showed us nothing new.  Jacob Lusk was the best guy this night with a very professional recovery from a production mishap to deliver his most controlled performance of the season.  I do agree with Randy Jackson that we have seen enough of the controlled Jacob so we need a little sprinkle of his gospel seasoning.

Stefano Langone needed to be outstanding last night and he wasn’t even very good. I think he goes home tonight, which is really a shame.  I like Stefano Langone a lot.  Casey Abrams should join Stefano in the bottom 2.  If they do a bottom 3 I am not sure.  Despite her great performance, Haley Reinhart may have waited too late to build a loyal fandom.  Jacob Lusk is a polarizing performer who did not polarize last night.  I do think there is a remote chance the Scott McCreery lands in the bottom 3.  He delivered a forgettable performance of a forgettable song to start the night.  The lead spot has consistently led to the bottom 3 in American Idol Season 10.

But enough speculation.  Time to start the show.  Stay with us as we live blog the American Idol Season 10 Top 7 results.

Wow, America cast over 52 million votes last night.

I am so glad they started breaking the Idols into small groups for results night performances.  The quartet of Lauren Alaina, Jacob Lusk, Stefano Langone and Haley Reinhart did a nice job on “Hey Soul Sister.” These results night performances seem looser and more fun for the Idols.  You know they have not spent much rehearsal time on these songs but they have generally been good.

The couches are starting to look a little barren.  Maybe they should remove some of the seats from home base.

Scott McCreery, James Durbin and Casey Abrams just did Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida”.  The performance wasn’t great.  But, Scott McCreery sounds surprisingly exceptional with this progressive rock song.  He needs to try something like this in the competition.

Casey Abrams and Jacob Lusk are on the hot seat. Casey Abrams is safe, aargh. Jacob Lusk is in the bottom 3 again. Wow, even though I thought it could happened, I am so very disappointed about Jacob.

Who else will join Jacob Lusk in the bottom 3. Lauren Alaina, James Durbin and Stefano Langone are in the circle of stress. Of this group, Stefano has to the be the one in the bottom3 and he is.  We jump right to Haley Reinhart and Scott McCreeryHaley Rienhart is in the bottom 3 despite her great performance last night, but Ryan immediately lets her know she is safe.

So we have two Christian musicians, Jacob Lusk and Stefano Langone, in the bottom 2. But before we can find out who goes home we must endure Katy Perry, so I will be quiet for a while.

Okay let’s find out who goes home.  It is time.  Stefano Langone is going home. As much as I like Stefano and as much respect I have for him, this was the right decision.  Boy, James Durbin is breaking down.  As the show closed he has walked to the back of the stage in tears. James Durbin has lost his best buddy.

Well, we are down to six and they will be singing Carol King next week.

We will be shutting down for Easter week-end but check the site tomorrow for our Easter message.  My American Idol Season 10 Top 6 Power Rankings will be up on Monday.


  1. Jim Richardson says:

    Stefano found favor when he did the Gospel song.. but that song last night was as worldly as it gets and it will cost him, he goes home. It was also the worst sounding on Itunes.

  2. Debbie says:

    I have to say that I am so impressed with the close relationships that seemed to have evolved with these contestants. They genuinely seem to care for each other. It is so nice to see healthy competition that isn’t cutthroat. I applaud the American Idol guys and gals and also American Idol for fostering this type of atmosphere. Great season.

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