American Idol Season 10 Top 8 Results

What is happening on American Idol Season 10?  Jimmy Iovine and his merry band of producers have made a tremendous impact on the quality of the performances.  The addition of Will.I.Am in the middle of the season, while annoyingly jarring, has been a fun addition to the mentoring segments.  Why suddenly did the Top 8 decide not only to ignore Jimmy Iovine’s song selection advice but to openly defy him.  Scott McCreery pulled off a song Jimmy Iovine specifically selected for him after both Jimmy and Will.I.Am raved about the rehearsal.  Then Casey Abrams punctuated his decision to perform the jazz tune “Nature Boy” with :”I don’t care what you say.” (Casey resisted the temptation to stomp his feet).  The lunacy reached its peak with this exchange between James Durbin, who has never cut a record, and Jimmy Iovine, who has sold more than 100 million records:

“Who can tell whether a song is a hit just from hearing it for the first time on a piano?” (James Durbin  after Iovine disliked Durbin’s rehearsal of Sammy Hagar’s “Heavy Metal.”)

“What do you mean who … You think I’m an accident,” a visibly annoyed Iovine fired back. “I know a song is a hit before it gets to a piano, when someone is just humming it.”

A little note to the Season 10 Top 8: Yeah, everyone loves you now and you are getting tons of adulation from the judges and critics and talk show hosts and bloggers.  But when the American Idol wheel quits turning for you, people like Jimmy Iovine are going to be the one to make your career and they have no patience for attitude.

The two most humble performers of last night’s show, Christian music artists Jacob Lusk and Stefano Langone were both like little puppies who had just had an accident on the carpet.  Stefano Langone seems to be truly searching for his voice on American Idol Season 10.  After being saved by the judges in the wild card round and standing in the bottom 2 twice, Stefano is clinging to these mentors to try to find a way to break through.  I think he accomplished that last night with his tremendous performance “End of The Road.”  I thought it was the best performance of the night.

What did Jimmy Iovine mutter to Jacob Lusk? “How dare you lecture America. You never had a hit record.  Mumble,mumble, harump.”  After his challenge to America last week, Jacob Lusk barely looked at the camera.  He came to the studio with two songs, which Jimmy promptly tossed and handed him “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”  I think Jacob would have done “Boom Boom Pow” if Jimmy had told him to this week.  However, Jacob displayed his growing control and dramatic flair while delivering the best vocal of the night.  Those final three notes made my head spin.

After all of the drama and after the performances were done, I don’t think much changed.  We  have 8 diverse performers, each of whom have avid audiences.  Many people are nervous about Paul MacDonald because he opened the show.  However, his performance was so big and joyful, I think he will be all right.  Haley Reinhart took a step back this week with “Call Me” and it may cost American Idol Season 10 another girl.  While Casey Abram‘s performance was brave, exciting and, I thought pretty good, I don’t think America got it.  Casey could be the first guy voted off, again.

I think these three will be at the bottom, with Casey and Haley in the bottom 2.  I think Casey Abrams goes home tonight.

But enough with the speculation, let’s watch the show together to see who lives to insult Jimmy Iovine again.

53 million votes cast last night.  I guess America is not going to let their Pia get voted off this week.

Scott McCreery and Lauren Alaina are doing another duet.  I predict that Lauren Alaina and Scott McCreery perform a duet or two on the American Idol Season 10 tour.  Lauren Alaina seems so much more relaxed in these duets.  She sings better in the duets as well.

Maybe we will see a cool soul duet with Jacob Lusk and Haley Reinhart.  Maybe they will do something like “Dr. Feelgood.”  If so, you know what that means, right?  Yep, the band could be back. Holding our breath with our fingers crossed!

No band.  Aaaagh!  Casey Abrams and Haley Reinhart get their jazz on with “Moanin’”  I think this is the music Haley Reinhart should be singing. That duet was better than anything we saw last night.

After that we gotta put those two in the Bottom 3?  Casey, Haley, Scott and Lauren are in the circle of torture. Scott McCreery is safe. Lauren Alaina is safe.  Half of my prediction will come true.  Haley Reinhart is in the bottom 3.  Casey Abrams is safe.

If Haley goes home tonight, she just proved that it will be because she was unable to select songs that displayed her talents.  Her performance tonight, with that jazz number, was her best of the year.   If she stays in the competition Haley Reinhart needs to seriously focus on blues and jazz for the rest of Season 10.

Kelly Clarkson is still the best winner ever on American Idol.

Time to find out which guys join Haley Reinhart on the silver stools of rejection. James Durbin is safe. For Stefano Langone it is back to the bottom 3 again. Paul MacDonald is in the bottom 3 and Jacob Lusk is safe.  How impactful is that opening spot on performance night?  For the third week in a row the performer who opened the show wound up in the bottom 3.

Of these three, Paul MacDonald should go home.  And he does.  Stefano and Haley are safe.  This is the right time for Paul MacDonald to go home.

Check-in with this weekendto read about our American Idol Season 10 Top 7 power rankings.


  1. Jim Richardson says:

    Lauren looked beautiful tonight..I love when she sings with Scotty.

  2. Jim Richardson says:

    Never seen haley look or sing will be a shame iif she goes home. Wish they would put these duets on Itunes

  3. Jim Richardson says:

    What did the tattoo say on Kelly’s wrist next to the cross?? Nicely sung song, lyrics weren’t that great though.

  4. Jim Richardson says:

    Thank God Paul is there won’t be a throwaway song when I buy the whole night on Itunes.

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