American Idol Season 10-Top 9 Power Rankings

Time for the American Idol Season 10 to kick into full gear.  The six week love affair with the Top 13 reached full flower this past week. We saw two competitors sent home who had no chance.  Now the season moves into serious growth and development mode with each week’s performances having dramatic implications for the final week.  There are four legitimate contenders, four people who are capable but have some work to do and one Idol who is extremely talented but out of his element.

American Idol Season 10 Top 9 Power Rankings

The rankings stayed pretty steady after American Idol Season 10 Elton John night.  I don’t think I have ever seen such an evenly matched group on American Idol, who are consistently delivering good performances and occasionally reaching greatness.  In years’ past you could easily identify judge and crowd favorites.  Not this year.  I think most people like all of the Idols.

  1. Jacob Lusk maintains the top spot in our power rankings.  I said on Wednesday that Jacob is like a musical Incredible Hulk.  When he sings  I sit saying “hold it, hold it”.  When he holds back that power  the performances are special, like with “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word.”  You can complain that Jacob is over dramatic but you can never deny that he possess a rare voice.  Solomon Burke just died, America needs a new soul singer.
  2. James Durbin makes me smile.  His voice is so complete and his singing so effortless that he does not need to think about it.  On Wednesday night he spent his entire performance of “Saturday Night’s All Right (For Fighting)” running around the stage.  His vocals never wavered and he was spot on throughout the song.  Everyone was excited about Adam Lambert being the next great rock singer.  Two years later we may have found the next great rock singer.
  3. Pia Toscano is so self assured that she continues to openly defy Randy Jackson. Three weeks in a row Randy has told her to stop singing ballads and yet this week she throws down “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me.”  However, each week she delivers and this week she brought much more soul and power to this ballad than the last.  Pia Toscano may just have a career as a soul singer.
  4. Scott McCreery continues to roll through American Idol Season 10.  This week he added to the collection for his first album with “Country Comfort.”  Performing with his guitar, he displayed a much more assured stage performance to go with those vocals that deliver week after week.  In all of my research, Christian musician Scott McCreery continues to be the most popular performer on American Idol Season 10.  He tops the lists for studio reaction, page views and voting estimates.
  5. Lauren Alaina had a nice comeback this week with a countrified version of “Candle In The Wind.”  However, her vocals on Thursday night’s duet with Scott McCreery were amazing.  If she could garner the confidence to build her performances around that big voice she demonstrated on Thursday night, she could capture a place in the top 3.  If she continues to hold back like she has all this season, she will struggle to make the top 5.
  6. Casey Abrams regained his footing this week.  His version of “Your Song” was servicable and turned the tide of off kilter performances for Casey.  However, he has hurt his reputation on the show and needs a couple of weeks of strong performances to regain the respect of America.  We need to see some relaxed jazz tinged but respectful performances from Casey.
  7. Haley Reinhart made progress with “Bennie and The Jets” and maybe avoided elimination last week.  She still has not created a musical identity that America can embrace.  However, did you hear her lay waste to Pia Toscano in the vocal showdown on Thursday’s results show.  Haley has a set of pipes to match anyone on this show.  I would like to see her do a duet with Jacob.
  8. Stefano Langone has had two performances that have saved him as a wild card and propelled him into the top 9.  They have been surrounded with poorly received “competition presentations.”  I have seen Stefano sing his guts out on youtube.  He needs to forget that this American Idol and just sing from his gut.  If he can’t find that in himself, he will be in danger every week.
  9. Paul MacDonald is a cool, indie hipster who does not have the vocal talent to compete at this level on this stage.  We clearly saw that on Thursday when he sang a duet with James, Stefano and Casey.  If everyone of the top 9 delivers their best performance of the season next week, Paul will go home. He should be proud to be here in the American Idol Season 10 Top 9.

Next week, the American Idol Season 10 Top 9 sing songs from “The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”  That should mean that just about all of the great songs from the past 50 years are available.  Choose carefully Idols.  No on can afford a misstep here.  Join us on Wedensday as we live blog th top 9 performances.


  1. Jimmy Dooley says:

    Great idea to do this so we can see where poeple stand. I’m surprised by some of these, I’d love to see Pia win & as I think she is an amazing vocalist, thanks for sharing these

    God Bless,

    Jimmy Dooley


  2. Jim Richardson says:

    I think Jacob should be down to #7 or so, he’s too all over the place for me. James comes across sreeching on his itunes tracks. Haley was amazing on her studio version. I’d love to see Scotty do Johnny Cash “Get Rhythm” instead of Elvis this week.

  3. spin doc says:

    Pia’s diva-like demeanor probably turned a lot of people off

  4. Dale Jones says:

    PIA should be up their!!!! I want Simon back, the idols now, wouldn’t be there in that order if he was around!!!! Scotty is great, he wil go a long way in life with his voice….awesome…

    the rest of them, WELL there good, but not great!!! GOOOOOOOO PIA……..Someone will give her a chance in the business…….

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