Free Download:Alert-Red Opus .45

alert red opus 45

So about two months ago, Humble Beast, a hip-hop record lable with the same vision and model as Come&Live! dropped the debut music video from their latest signing, Alert. It looked like this:

“All I See Is Red” turned into the centerpeice for their latest release, and as of last week, Red Opus .45 is available for free download over at Humble Beast’s website. If you have already listened to the song above, you can expect what the whole EP is like that: quality emcee work over live instruments with a constant, driving sound. Alert write dense, thoughtful hip-hop that would make fans of The Roots and Gym Class Heroes take notice, but they never forget their message, and always have something to actually say.

In my opinion, if you like or love REAL hip-hop, you owe it to yourself to add this to your collection. Keep it going Humble Beast!

Download Red Opus .45 by Alert

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