Free Download:Great Awakening-Songs In Secret

Great Awakening–Songs In Secret

One of the things I love about Come&Live! is all the amazing worship music they release. The best part for me is that it isn’t what you would typically consider “worship”. Bands like Ascend The Hill and Lovelite are changing the landscape of modern worship music. Great Awakening‘s second album reflects that they are part of this ever growing movement with delicate worship that could appeal to church-goers and fans of Brand New alike.

Worship is personal. It’s an intimate act, drawing individuals into the arms of their Creator or flat on their face at His feet. They’re ruined by love, wrecked by grace. Carried away and pushed through His gates.

The intensely poignant lyrics on Songs in Secret create the picture of a child baring his soul to his father. It’s worship music that dares to go beyond the surface. In fact, it ventures deep to a place where time flies by and tears flow freely. Everything is stripped away. “Come take me away with You,” Cole sings. “Take me to the river full of Your delight where I can deeply drink of You. Nail me to the ground in your presence where my heart is electric with love. Keep me in this place where You’re dwelling and Your heart is prevailing.” Passion and sincerity emanate from each and every carefully placed word and note. It’s from this river that Great Awakening writes in hopes to inspire others to delve into their own secret place.

This is an awesome record and we are proud to present it to you. Follow the link below to listen to the songs, download, and support the artist.

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