Free MP3 Album Download:Sev Statik-Sondial EP

sev statik sondial ep

This is the third time the amazing emcee known as Sev Statik has offered up his incredible work for free ( download The Silver LP and The School Shooting EP). In fact The School Shooting EP made our Best Hip-Hop of 2010 list a few months back! Im saying all of this to say that we dont need to tell you that with Sev, you will get quality hip-hop even when its free.

Sev Statik isnt new to the game though; he is one of the founding members of both Deepspace5 and The Tunnelrats; and has also had a solid solo career to boot. This time around he has partnered with producer Raw Threat, and the result, in my opinion, is Sev’s most creative endevor to date. Straying from his normal smooth-as-butter beat foundation, Sev Statik shows that he can destroy a ryhmn even when the beat jumps all over the place. Sev is tha man!

This is defiantly a must have for fans of Atmosphere, Cage, and Aesop Rock.

Download The Sondial EP by Sev Statik

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