Gettin Giddy:Propaganda/Odd Thomas-Art Ambidextrous

There are just some albums you cant help but get giddy about…..
propaganda and ofdd thomas Ar tAmbidextrous

About two weeks before Art Ambidextrous, a masterful collaboration between poet/emcee Propaganda and producer/beat maker Odd Thomas hit the net, this video was released, and I couldn’t have said it better:

Intellect in hip-hop has been a hard thing to find in its modern manifestation. What started out as a means to express profound thoughts of struggle, joy, and frustration has been replaced by a drab, petty culture that only seeks to exhalt self and contribute little. as gangsta rap began to rise in the 90s, and club-hop took over in the 2000s, a small but ever growing number of hip-hop artists began to take “rap” back to what it was always intended to be: an art form. For emcees and producers who were Christians, it became painfully obvious that creativity and quality would have to take precedent over money and fame. Despite struggles, this sub-genre has grown, and is now producing some the most honest, smart hip-hop on the market. Period.

And there are very few albums that I have heard that rival that of Art Ambidextrous. The words are by Propaganda, the music is by Odd Thomas.

With an intense attention to detail, and tons of raw talent, Art Ambidextrous is complete work of lyrically and musical art. Each track pronounces its own character and message within seconds of the beginning, making the listener lean and in a dig into the songs over and over. The beats feel organic and driven, and always in balance with Propaganda‘s lyrical flow. The vocal performance is engaging and memorable, a claim that most rappers cannot claim these days.Propaganda doesn’t sound like anybody else, he SOUNDS like Propaganda.

At the core is a message of revival of sorts. A willingness to look around at your own culture and realize that change needs to happen. That no one deserves redemption MORE than others, but that our pride as man will always allow us to look down on people. There is hope, joy, revolution, anger, redemption, and intellect on every track. Right back to where hip-hop should have always been.

The best part about THIS addition of Gettin Giddy is that you can experiance this rare gem for free, because Art Ambidextrous is yours as gift from Propaganda, Odd Thomas, Alert, Braille, and Humble Beast.

Download Art Ambidextrous by Propaganda and Odd Thomas

I will leave you with Propaganda explaining The Gospel. Watch the whole thing, you wont disappointed.

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