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Put on your kickers and your 10 gallon hat because American Idol Season 10 goes country tonight.  Christian musicians Scott McCreery and Lauren Alaina are both country singers so it does not really matter what songs are chosen for them to perform. They will put their own unique country twists on their performances anyway.  However, in addition to songs chosen by George Strait for Scott and Carrie Underwood for Lauren, both of them will debut their first singles tonight.  The new songs will be available on iTunes on Thursday.

For all of the talk about how predictable American Idol has become we have several unique developments in the American Idol Season 10 finals. This is only the second time in American Idol history that two Christian musicians have made it to the finals. This is the youngest duo ever to make it to an American Idol finale.  If Lauren Alaina wins she will be the youngest performer ever to win American IdolSeason 10 is the first time two country singers have made it to the final. Scott McCreery will be the first teen guy and the first male country singer to win.  Lauren Alaina will be the first female to win since Season 7′s Jordin Sparks.

In my American Idol Season 10 Top 2 Power Rankings, I review the highlights of Scott and Lauren’s journey to the top 2.  I had both of these teens pegged as potential winners from the start.  I lost faith in Lauren Alaina when she lost faith in herself.  Through much of the season she fell short of her potential and had to rely on her charisma to keep her in the competition.  However, she always seemed to come up with the right performance at the right time and managed to prevail over favorites James Durbin and Haley Reinhart. Scott McCreery skated through Season 10 with quiet confidence and a laser focus on his musical persona.

The biggest surprise of Season 10 was Scott and Lauren’s overwhelming popularity.   These two southern, Christian teens are so popular that they generated 95 million votes last week to overcome a split vote in their demographic and eliminate Haley Reinhart.  That was the third largest number of votes ever for American Idol, including finales. I think Scott McCreery will win but I have learned to not underestimate the popularity of Lauren Alaina.

So sit back and enjoy as we live blog the final live performance show of American Idol Season 10.  I think it will be less a competition tonight and more of a preview of the 2013 Country Music Awards.

Ryan Seacrest is in a tux and the Idol world past and present is in house. Scott McCreery and Lauren Alaina have never performed before a crowd like there is tonight in the Nokia Theater.  Lauren Alaina blew out a vocal cord in rehearsals so this should be interesting.  Three rounds tonight: their favorite song of the season, one from their Idols and their new single.

Scott McCreery starts with “Gone”. Well, the moment nor the crowd has not overwhelmed Scott McCreery.  He just threw down with a romping version of “Gone.”  That was much, much better than his performance of that song earlier in the year.  Scott was in the moment, playing to the entire audience and singing full out in the chorus.  Scott McCreery started with a bang.

Lauren Alaina now does “Flat On The Floor.” This was one of the high points of her season, when she put a stamp on her position as a frontrunner.  You could really hear the impact of her vocal cord problem.  She delivered on her sassy stage persona and was her usual charismatic personality.  She had good moments in the song but a few times, when she reached for her big voice, it was not there.  It did not effect the song and she didn’t miss any notes but it was not as big as she is capable of.  If she planned on blowing away Scott with her voice power tonight she needs a new plan.

Scott McCreery seems more excited than nervous tonight.  Lauren Alaina seems a little shaken by her voice.

George Strait has selected “Check Yes or No” for Scott McCreery. Scott is much better with his guitar.  I hate this song.  There was not much there for Scott to work with.  Scott did all he could with it, but I don’t know how that helps us decide on our vote.

Carrie Underwood selects “Maybe It Was Memphis” for Lauren Alaina. Much much better in many ways.  Lauren seemed to rediscover her voice in that performance.  The song is much better than Scott’s song.  With this performance, we saw the Lauren Alaina that could win American Idol Season 10.

I agree with the judges.  Round one to Scott McCreery. Round two to Lauren Alaina.

We end the night with new singles from Scott McCreey and Lauren Alaina.  Look for them to hit the top of iTunes charts by the end of this week.

First, Scott McCreery sings “Love You This Big.”  Jimmy Iovine helped him pick the song and the arrangement.  That was a perfect song for Scott thematically, but it showed the limitations of his voice.  I had a hard time hearing him, the music overwhelmed his voice in places.  However, when he sang “love you this big” every teenage girl in America was lining up phones to vote with.  The judges thought he showed great range and sang the song exceptionally well.  I think the mix on the single will be better and it will push a million copies for Scott McCreery.

Now Lauren Alaina does a remake of the Carrie Underwood song “Like My Mother Does.” Will she have enough voice to pull away from Scott McCreery. Well Lauren Alaina just picked the right moment to have her American Idol moment.  That was a fully blasted vocal of a highly emotional song. Every mother in America is now fighting their daughters for the phones to vote.  She went down to hug her mother in the middle of the song.  Her voice held up and it was beautiful.  The judges are worshiping Lauren Alaina after that performance.

Even with her vocal problems Lauren Alaina delivered the performances she needed to to win this night.

Join us tomorrow night as we live blog the American Idol Season 10 results show.  We will see U2, all of the Idols from Season 10 and we will find out who wins American Idol Season 10.


  1. Jim Richardson says:

    Thought Lauren did the last song a little better, that wasn’t a Carrie Underwood song though. I still think Scotty will win.


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