American Idol Season 10 Top 4 Power Rankings

American Idol Season 10 sent Jacob Lusk packing last night.  I must admit that I am sad he did not fulfill the potential I saw in him.  One of the reasons I enjoy American Idol is to watch how these young hopefuls respond to the gauntlet this show puts them through.  I think it gives us insight into how the local performer we think is killer never makes it t0 the national scene.  I saw Jacob Lusk lose himself in all of the advice from the judges, the mentors and the singing coaches.  By the time we got to the Top 8 Jacob Lusk had lost all confidence in who he was as a singer and we watched him fade away week by week.  Maybe Andrae Crouch will embrace Jacob Lusk and launch him into the gospel career that is his destiny.

Haley Reinhart is the flip side of that story.  She has floundered in the middle of the pack as an unfocused talent who looked to be play acting each week.  Who is this girl?  We knew she coud sing the paint off the barn but I didn’t know what I would get from week to week.  Then, on the Top 8 results show (watch the video) she sang “Moanin’” with Casey Abrams.  It had me jumping out of my chair sayings that’s what I am talking about!  I think she got it.  Her wheelhouse is the slow or mid-tempo burner that gives her voice room to wail and growl.  Since then she has sung, “Rolling In The Deep”, “Beautiful”,” You and I” and “House of The Rising Sun” and slayed them all.  Haley Reinhart is now a true contender to win American Idol Season 10.

American Idol Season 10 Top 4 Power Rankings

This week will be odd.  The American Idol Season 10 Top 4 will be singing the “Leiber & Stoller” songbook.  This Rock n Roll Hall of Fame songwriting duo made their mark in the late 50′s and early 60′s when country, soul and rock n’ roll all pretty much sounded the same.  Most of the big rockers coming out of that era (Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty) settled into the country music scene.  Much of the “soul” music was mid tempo ballads or novelty songs.  I think this will be a tough week for James Durbin and a perfect theme for the other four.

1) Scott McCreery- Wednesday night’s “Gone” was enough to secure Christian musician Scott McCreery‘s place in the Top 2.  The past two weeks, with “You’ve Got A Friend” and “Gone”, he has shown the emotional and vocal range that was the final barrier to his march into the American Idol Season 10 finale.  He has been the most popular Idol since Hollywood week and now he is showing growth as an artist.  Scott is one example of an Idol who came in confidently knowing who he was, listening to advice and developing his vision for his career.  In this video watch Scott struggle to change his habit of holding the microphone as a piccolo.  That is a minor example of what I am talking about.

2) Haley Reinhart- This young lady is on fire and I think her momentum will carry her into the American Idol Season 10 finale.  To do that, she must be the best each of the next two weeks.  she has no room for mediocrity.  However, this week sets up well for Haley Reinhart.  Imagine her singing “Houndog” or “Kansas City” or “I’m A Woman.”  Watch the American Idol Season 10 rocket ship propel herself into contention with one of the best performances of American Idol Season 10.

3) James Durbin- Like Jacob Lusk, James Durbin is a special singer who is in danger of being sidetracked by the voices in his head.  Jimmy Iovine is pushing James into a more pop rock direction which is probably smart.  Any hopes James had of being a rock icon have been washed away by his association with American Idol. However, as James Durbin struggles with this transition, he is in danger of losing his way in the competition.  He has already lost what I though was a sure fire place in the American Idol Season 10 finale.  It is now essentially a two week “sing-off” with Haley Reinhart to see who earns their way to stand next to Scott McCreery.

James Durbin is as an example of the emotional toll this show has on these young performers.  Of the four remaining Idols, James has probably made the greatest sacrifice and came into the season with the most burning need to succeed.  I mean really, Scott and Lauren just skipped a semester of high school and Haley just moved from Nashville to sing in front of millions on TV instead of dozens in a club. James left his child and fiance on a quest to take them from poverty to stardom.  I think he has accomplished his quest but in this video you can see the emotional toll it has extracted.

4) Lauren Alaina- On Thursday night we saw Christian musician Lauren Alaina melt into an emotional mess as she stood across the stage from the inevitable top 3.  Standing Lauren Alaina Top 5there, I think she saw the future of the show and realized she would not be  part of it.  This must be a difficult week for her as she prepares to perform knowing that nothing short of a miracle will get her into the American Idol Season 10 Top 3.  It’s not talent, it is maturity and confidence. After a strong first performance she just refused to try for the pay-off notes in “Unchained Melody.” Without those notes that is a pretty bland song. Her lack of confidence has been Lauren’s story for the entire season.  Unless Lauren Alaina decides that she has nothing to lose and pulls out all the stops next week, she is headed back to Georgia.  I think it will be a short visit and then Lauren Alaina will spend the rest of her teen years on the road, with tutors, creating a career that will endure for decades.  The girl has talent and star quality and I am sure there is a line waiting for the chance to develop her into a star.

Join us Wednesday to watch the James Drubin/Haley Reinhart sing-off and to see how Lauren Alaina responds to the pressure of elimination.  As we have all season we will be live blogging the American Idol Seaosn 10 Top 4 performances and it should be smokin’.


  1. Paulo says:

    Nice.. i agree that Lauren needs more confidence if she wanna stay… Her immaturity is a great factor.. Thia, also 16 has a bucket full of maturity than Lauren, the only difference is that Lauren sings more lively. Scotty will be the winner this season.. SOO SURE.. I had under estimated Haley’s fans so I hope she’ll be able to make it to the finale..


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