American Idol Season 10 Top 5 Results Live Blog

Haley Reinhart House of The Rising SunIf you read our American Idol Season 10 Top 5 perfomance live blog you will know that I believe last night was the most important night of the season.  It seems that James Durbin and Christian musician Scott McCreery are destined for the finale.  Jacob Lusk, Lauren Alaina and Haley Reinhart all had big questions to answer.  Lauren Alaina answered her questions of confidence but Jacob Lusk did not find his swagger.

However, Haley Reinhart made her biggest push of the season.  First she took the biggest, boldest risk I have ever seen when she performed an unreleased song by maybe the biggest artist on the planet right now, Lady Gaga.  And she pulled it off.  Then she sang “House of the Rising Sun”.  It was her best performance of the season, by far the best performance of the night and arguably the best performance of American Idol Season 10. On James Durbin’s worst singing night of the season, Haley Reinhart soared.  She took the last night’s performance competition by a mile. I think she is a shoe-in for the top 3 and a real contender now to win American Idol Season 10.

Overall I thought last night’s performances were surprisingly shaky.  The top 3 performances were “House of The Rising Sun” by Haley Reinhart, “Gone” by Scott McCreery and “Flat On The Floor” by Lauren AlainaJames Durbin and Jacob Lusk danced around the proper key all night and I thought Lauren and Scott faded into the background on their second songs.  I am happy to report that you should go straight to iTunes and buy the American Idol Top 5 Season 10 – Studio Performances (you can just jump there from this link).  James’s songs were incredible in the studio and everyone sounded better.

Unfortunately, I think Christian musician Jacob Lusk goes home tonight. He needed a big night and he missed on both of his performances last night.  I think Christian musician Lauren Alaina joins him in the bottom two tonight.  I cannot imagine the outrage and indignation that will erupt if Haley Reinhart is even in the bottom two.

But enough speculation.  It is time for the show so let’s see who goess home performances from J-Lo and Lady Antebellum.

Wow, 60 million votes last night. I guess American Idol is still pretty popular.

25 minutes in and nothing to write about.  I am feeling marginalized.

Now maybe some results-who is safe and who is in the bottom 2.  Ryan says we may be in for a surprise.  James Durbin is the first one in the gauntlet. Jimmy Iovine also thought this was James worst week as well.  He called it an 8 out of a string of 9′s and 10′s.  Lauren Alaina up now.  Jimmy thought she did great with “Flat On The Floor” but thought her fear kept her from delivering “Unchained Melody.”  He thinks she will be in the bottom 2.

Ryan has started two groups, one with James and one with Lauren, but it is time for a J-Lo performance and commercials.

40 minutes in and time for more commercials.

Okay, more results.  Jacob Lusk is under the microscope. Jimmy Iovine says Jacob had a rough night and thinks he has lost confidence.  Jacob is asked to join Lauren.  That looks like a bottom 2.

Now for Haley Reinhart. Jimmy Iovine thinks she showed no fear and won the night.  He thinks she is a lock for the finale.  She joins James on the far side of the stage.

At least Ryan did not call Scott McCreery “Scotty the Body.”  Jimmy thought “Gone” was stellar but came up a bit short with “Always On My Mind.” Scott has never been in the bottom 2 and he is safe tonight. Now Ryan is making Scott picking who is safe and he refuses.

Christian musicians Jacob Lusk and Lauren Alaina are in the bottom 2 and Lauren is already crying.

It is time, Lauren seems to have composed herself.  Well maybe not.  Jacob Lusk is going home.  I am sad, Jacob has been one of my favorites all season, but this is the right decision.  He was was the 5th best on American Idol Season 10.  It looks like Lauren faced her exit from the show and she looks devastated.

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