Free Download: Cas Metah-Nine From 09

Nine From '09

I have gushed all over the man that is Cas Metah before. Ever since the release of his last album, Guest Room, I have been telling everyone I know about this talented and criminally unknown emcee. Its been a while since we have heard anything from this guy, but then all the sudden this week he decided to start giving some music away!

This isn’t an official project. These nine songs were all previously released during my 2009 Cas Metah Monthly subscription service. I appreciate everyone that supported that, but this is for fans who may have missed that, or for whoever really. I hope it makes your heads nod!

Indeed it does. Nine from ’09 features “b-sides” that most rappers would wish were there “a-sides”. Smooth, interesting, fun, and all Cas Metah. Enjoy

Download Cas Metah-Nine From ’09

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