Free Download: The Vespers-Tell Your Mama

the vespers tell your mama

We discovered The Vespers a little too late. I found their album, Tell Your Mama, about three weeks after we posted our “Best Of The Year” lists. Trust me, if we had heard it before January, it would have been at the top of our list for both the folk/country list and top 25 recordings. Tell Your Mama is a quiet and delightful album that impresses from track one to the end of the album.

If Eisley were into bluegrass and folk, then they would have sounded alot like The Vespers. At many times their music is playful, and more often it is just solid, well crafted songwriting. This would be an easy addition to your regular rotation in a heart beat.

Dont believe me? The widget below contains full song previews of the entire album so you can decide for yourself. But then again its free, and when have I lead you astray before?

Download Tell Your Mama by The Vespers

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