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TheCrimsonArmada_Guardians free

Today we have some good ole fashioned death metal for ya!  The Crimson Armada has been making big waves in the hardcore/metal scene over the last few years, and their 2009 debut, Guardians, was a hit among the scene. However, a few years later, with some new members, The Crimson Armada are ready to move forward with a new album and a new outlook:

We set out this band to have fun and praise God while we’re at it. God has a plan for all of us and if he wants our cd sales to be huge or us to make a crap ton of money, he’d make it happen. personally we dont care.

We want you to have our music. so please take it. it is our gift to you.

If you want to support The Crimson Armada, come out this summer and hang out with us, talk to us, tell us your views on politics, tell us your favorite subway sub, or whatever. just come hang out.

We’re really excited to be playing scream the prayer this summer! we hope to see you all there.

The record is solid death metal/metalcore all the way through, and it will be a welcome addition to your heavy music library for sure.

Download Guardians by The Crimson Armada

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