40 Albums You Should Already Own In 2011

We are half way through 2011, and it has been an epic year for music already. Some truly astounding works of art have already been released, and the next 6 months don’t look like they are going to disappoint (check out our New Releases page to see what is on the horizon). To celebrate music as we always like to do, here is our list of 40 albums you should have by now in 2011. We hope that your new favorite album, artist, or song is somewhere in here. If it isn’t, let us know, comment and tell us whats good!

The Wealthy West-The Wealthy West Vol. 1
The Violet Burning-The Story of Our Lives
Surrogate-Diamonds & Pearls EP
Son Lux-We Are Rising
Solomon Burke-Hold On Tight
Ralph Stanley-A Mother’s Prayer
Propaganda & Odd Thomas-Art Ambidextrous
Over The Rhine-The Long Surrender
Not One Is Upright-God Is Not A Watchmaker And The World Is Not Ticking
Mosquito Fleet-Swings & Cloves EP
Marksman-Sister of Mine
Manchester Orchestra-Simple Math
Love Begotten-Ugly, Dirty, Poor
Little Hurricane-Homewrecker
Jennifer Hudson-I Remember Me
Jeff Jacquay- La Cambria
Jawbone-Loss Of Innocence EP
Ivan & Alyosha-Fathers Be Kind EP
Inevitable End-The Oculus
The Gun Show-Discontentment
Great Awakening-Songs In Secret
Francesca Battistelli-Hundred More Years
eleventyseven-Quota EP
Eisley-The Valley
Derek Webb-Feedback
Danielson-The Best Of Gloucester County
Cool Hand Luke-Of Man
The Civil Wars-Barton Hollow
Brett Dennen-Loverboy
Brandon Bee-Inside These Walls
Becoming The Archetype-Celestial Completion
The Appleseed Cast-Middle States EP
Alert-Red Opus .45
Ace Augustine-The Absolute
Abandon Kansas-Ad Astra Per Aspera
Aaron Gillespie-Anthem Song

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