Cornerstone 2011: Christian Music is NOT A Genre

It is hard to describe the feeling of community at a place like this. The amount of people attending partnered with the performers provides a unique look inside the next generation of believers in the U.S. and the way that they create art. Yet, through all of this, I haven’t heard one artist attending the festival identify themselves as a “Christian” artists as i am sure they need to in the world outside of Cornerstone. It is understood that everybody on the grounds exists as a big family. The music they play is something different.

Ive long held the belief that we should do away with the term “Christian music” because in reality what most people apply to that term is a very narrow scope of the world of music created by believers. If ever there was a place to put that belief into action is at Cornerstone. There is so much happening at this festival that the isle at Best Buy labeled Christian/Gospel would overrun the whole store. Christian music is not a sound, it isnt genre or an industry. It is a collection of artists who use the talents that God has given them and create earnestly because that is what they are supposed to do. Heavy metal and folk working together towards the same goal. Christian music is a movement.

This website exists to break any preconceived notions of what this movement is about. Im reminded everytime I come to this place that I need to keep digging, because there is so much out there, and there are some many opportunities to have my heart changed and molded as gid reveals more of His love through the art of Hid kids. Stay thirsty guys, and we will always need Cornerstone more than that small little section in Best Buy.

Sorry if I ranted


  1. Louis Vasseur says:

    Great article. As a manager and promoter of “Christian” bands, I am all too familiar with the glassy stare I receive from venues when I pitch my artists. While all artists face various obstacles as they develop their careers, far too many extremely talenented musicians are saddled with additional burdens because they choose to openly express their beliefs in their music and on the stage. I only hope they view this as a path to make them stronger as opposed to being so frustrating that they give up sharing their talents with the rest of us..

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