Cornerstone 2011: Getting To Know You

There is always this awkward transition period on the first day of Cornerstone. You set up your tent and your camp site, then run headlong into the chaos that is the festival. At your site, its tranquil and peaceful, but once you pass the porto-pottys and showers it is the dust and the sounds and the people that make Cornerstone what it is. By day two, you kind of find a groove and it gets easier, but the first day is a little jarring.

That being said, we have already seen alot of good music. Unforntunetly, one of my big must sees (Societys Finest) did not show up, so that kind of set off a kilter tone for the rest of the night. Great performances from Love Begotten and Sound The Ruin help make the day special, both bands brought some emotional chaos that made me hopeful for the future of the heavy scene.

Debtor was phenomenal. They play a raw, honest form of punk rock that stirs the crowd as much as the heart. Debtor are an amazing band that deserve more than they are getting. We need more bands that are willing to speak truth even when it makes people angry, and that is what Debtor does. They make you see the ugly truth and the glorious salvation at the same time. If are reading this and think of starting a band, check this band out before you start, because Debtor has no peers right now.

Harp & Lyre blew us away with their high energy show full of sing alongs and movement. Their show made me want to go back and look at their music a little closer because what I saw on stage was pretty special.

Day one is always a little weird because the crowd and the performers are still arriving and neither have found their groove yet. Day two is always alot better, but as you can see we are already off to a great start.

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