Cornerstone 2011 Schedule: Ian

In less than a week, the crew at ONE21 are going to begin our long journey to Cornerstone Festival 2011 in Bushnell, Illinois.

There are hundreds of bands and performers sweating it out from around 11AM to close to 2 in the morning every day. It can be very overwhelming to to take in everything that Cornerstone has to offer, and the sad fact is that you are almost guaranteed to miss a lot.

Well, we are here to help!

With the help of a nifty new website called, the four of us attending have been able to begin planning out our Cornerstone experience. Below, I am going to list a few highlights from every day of the festival. Hopefully this will help you plan your week out a little better if you are attending.

Check out my full schedule, and maybe come say hi. I will be the guy with the giant red beard and shaved head. Its kinda hard to miss me. I will have free stickers and buttons for ya!

Tuesday: typically a slow day, but there are a ton of generator shows going on, and you can get very up close and personal with the performers. This year I have almost a full day right off the get-go. Also be on the lookout for “surprise” shows. I saw Blindside play a show on the lawn back in 2003. Ive seen mewithoutYou play alongside Living Sacrifice. Keep your eyes open!
Society’s Finest 6:30-Legacy Stage: The return of the might metalcore giants kicks mt whole week at the fest off. Society’s Finest are an amazing band originally from Dallas, TX that havent really played music in the last few years. A week ago they announced that not only were they going to begin playing shows again, but one of the first would be at Cornerstone. Im super excited to see one of my favorite bands again.

Joy Williams 7:00- Chelsea Café: Another big surprise is that pop/singer-songwriter artist Joy Williams will be playing a low key show on the first night of the fest. Joy has been putting out amazing music on her own for years, but last year she became internationally known as one half of the Americana duo The Civil Wars. It will be a treat to see her doing her own music again.

Flatfoot 56 11:00- Legacy Stage: I am for sure going to catch this show as celtic punk rockers Flatfoot 56 drive their stake into this years festival. Last year they declared Shark Week as the official theme, and it was awesome. Stoked to see what they come up with this year.

Wednesday: The unofficial 1st day of the fest. In past years, Tooth & Nail have run this particular day, but the economy has forced the label to step back. Last year, ministry label Come&Live! partnered with The Anchor Church and now it seems that “Come&Live! Day” is here for a second year. Once again, this may seem like a slow day, but there is still alot going on
I will be at The Anchor Stage MOST of the day. Worship starts at 2:00PM.
Great Awakening at 3:00PM
Preson Phillips at 3:00PM
Men As Trees Walking at 6:00PM
So Long Forgotten at 7:00PM
White Collar Sideshow at 8:00PM
Ascend The Hill at 10:00PM. All these bands were some of the best of what we saw last year, and I am confident that they wont disappoint this year. If you want to see a group of artists that are TRULY doing this for God’s glory, then stay close to the stage to see some amazing stuff.

Jawbone 9:05- Legacy Stage: The only band I am going to sneak away for is Blood & Ink’s Jawbone. They are one of my favorite new hardcore bands, and I really want to experience their raw, unhinged brand of truth and aggression live.

Thursday: This will be the first official day of Cornerstone Festival 2010, with all the seminars, Bible studies, and events beginning along with the music and the Main stage running all day. Unlike last year, my schedule is pretty light for Thursday, but some of my favorite stuff is happening so Im sure I wont get bored (that was a joke)
Listener 12:30PM-Raging Storm: My buddy Dan Smith will give another one of a kind performance at the festival this year. Listener was one of our favorite shows from last year, and he has built quite a following at Cornerstone. Yet, no matter how many people are in the tent, he always seems to make the room feel like you are the only one in it with him. A truly unique artist that is a must see.

Ben + Vesper 6:00-Gallery Stage: Chuck said these guys were awesome at SXSW, so Im looking forward to the husband/wife duo to put on a heck of a show. If you are into indie stuff, you need to be in the tent when these guys are playing.

Not One Is Upright 8:00-Sancrosanct Stage: I am REALLY looking forward to this one. Not One Is Upright is one of the most innovative bands in the heavy scene right now, and I have been loving their album God Is Not A Watchmaker and The World Is Not Ticking since it came out earlier this year. Might be an early show of one of the next great bands in this scene.

Paper Route 9:30-Gallery Stage: One of the best shows from last year! Think rock and electronica mixing together in a live music format performed by a group of guys that love what they do. Paper Route is awesome!

Farewell Drifters 11:15-Gallery Stage: I think I will end my night with the laid back bluegrass stylings of Farewell Drifters, wont you join me?

Friday: Im stoked that i will have another day that is not completly full up because that means I can catch up with some bands that maybe I dont know yet. There is a bunch of HUGE shows happening on the 2nd official day of the fest, and I couldn’t be more stoked.

Love Begotten 3:20-Sancrosanct Stage: Armed with a new batch of songs and a ever growing fanbase, Love Begotten are sure to bring some chaos with their unique blend of noisecore and metal. Always a good show, a must see!

For Today 6:50-Main Stage: For Today are a force to be reckoned with. This will be my fourth time to see them, and every time they grow in intensity and skill. Really good heavy music with an incredible message of faith without fear, Im ready to see my friends take over main stage!

My Epic 9:00-Underground Stage: Our pick for best rock album last year was My Epic‘s incredible work of art called YET. I have never actually gotten to see these guys, so Im am ready to watch God break hearts and restore through this band’s unique mix of hard rock, ambient singing, and honest lyrics. This is a must see guys!

P.O.D. 9:50-Main Stage: Do I really need to explain why you need to be at main stage for this band? Its P.O.D.! Be there or get left out!
Saturday: My first truly busy day! Im gonna be all over the place, but Cornerstone will be in full swing, and all the magic that happens because of it will make my sore feet and tired eyes continue on!
Homeless Gospel Choir 2:45-Raging Storm: Think if Johnny Cash had been more folksy and theologically confrontational. I have been itching to see this guy play since he was guesting on Listener shows last year, and if his videos do him justice it will be worth the wait.

Gideon 5:10-Underground Stage: In my opinion, Gideon is one of the most promising new hardcore bands to emerge in this scene in a while, and I have heard their live shows are insane! Ready to mosh? Yes I am!

Odd Thomas 6:00, Propaganda 6:45-Legacy Stage: NOTHING IS GOING TO STOP ME FROM BEING FRONT AND CENTER FOR THIS ONE! These two guys put out one of favorite hip-hop albums in the last few years in 2011, and I was jumping up and down when I heard that they were playing Cornerstone. Hip-hop is rare at Cornerstone, and GREAT hip-hop is hard to find period. Propaganda is a rare talent that just doesn’t happen every generation. This is a MUST for me!

Hands 8:15-Underground Stage: Yea, so this band plays like 4 shows a year now. I get to be at one of them. This was my top performances last year, and guess what? Same thing this year. If you miss this band, you have truely robbed yourself of something at this festival. Hands is one of a kind, and this is your chance to be there. This is a must see.

Josh Garrels 9:35-Gallery Stage: Four years ago, Chuck happened upon a young artist playing a unique mix of surfer folk, hip-hop, and worship to a near empty tent. A week ago, that same artist released an album that is already being called a masterpiece and a classic. Josh Garrels is one of the reasons we started The ONE21, because he is the answer to true creativity and spirituality. His shows are near flawless, and he is at home in The Gallery Stage, where Chuck first saw him all those years ago. This is a must see.

Sunday Last day, keep your head up, you are almost there.
Close Your Eyes 8:15-Underground Stage: One of favorite bands that I have never seen before! I have a feeling there will be a lot of sing alongs and all around craziness. I will be participating in both…..

Sleeping Giant 9:10-Underground Stage: If you have never seen Sleeping Giant, then I guarantee that you have seen anything like it. Their “show” is at all times worship and at all times a hardcore show. Hearts will be healed, sweat will be shed, and God will shine first. A must see.

The Chariot 11:15-Encore: Last year I ended my Cornerstone with Seabird, a pop driven rock band that sang us into the night from Gallery stage. It was great.  This year, Im ending my Cornerstone with this:

yea, Im cool with that

Ok, so thats it. These are just the highlights, I will be there the whole week, so believe me, you will see me there.

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