Cornerstone 2011 Schedule: Rebecca

So, we are less than week from being at Cornerstone and I think I have finally nailed down my schedule for Cornerstone 2011. Here are few of the highlights of what I’m going to see.

Tuesday: This is my only really slow day of the week, but as soon as camp is set up I’ll head out and see what new bands I can find. These are just a few I don’t want to miss!
Joy Williams – 7:00pm – Chelsea Café: A beautiful girl with a beautiful voice! You won’t want to miss this solo act.
The Burial – 10:50pm – Sancrosanct Stage: A deathcore band from South Bend, Indiana. If you are a fan of August Burns Red or Becoming the Archetype, then you’ll love The Burial.
In the Midst of Lions – 12:30pm – Sancrosanct Stage: A mixture of metal and worship.

Wednesday: I am going to spend most of my day at the Come & Live Stage. Somehow I am going to try to catch the other tents as well.
All of these bands will be playing on the Come & Live Stage:
Preson Phillips – 4:00pm – Preson Phillips is a church planter/pastor from Tampa, FL who is like Bob Dylan signing worship.
Men As Trees Walking – 6:00pm – What an amazing group of musicians. Come to hear the music and be moved by their message.
White Collar Sideshow- 8:00pm – Here is another show that has an unbelievable power to change you. This is an amazing theatrical band that will move you. Besides, these are some of the coolest people you will see at Cornerstone. If you can’t make it to this show…no worries…they will play again.
Ascend the Hill- 10:00pm – Come ready to worship. This is was also another band I saw for the first time last year.

Thursday: This is going to be a very busy day! Here are some of the must see bands though…
Listener – 12:30pm – Raging Storm: Last year was my first year to see him, and I can’t wait to see him again.
Not One Is Upright – 8:00pm – Sancrosanct: This will be a first, but if their live show is anything like their CD then it’s going to be AWESOME!
Paper Route – 9:35pm – Gallery Stage: An atmospheric rock band out of Nashville, Tennessee.
Children 18:3- 10:50pm – Underground Stage: An awesome family punk band from Minnesota. These guys are the next big thing in Christian punk rock right now!
The Farewell Drifters – 11:15pm – Gallery Stage: I love me some bluegrass. You don’t want to miss this!

Friday: I am going to spend the morning looking for new bands, but the evening is going to be spent listening some of my favorites
Love Begotten – 3:20pm – Sacrosanct Stage: This band is just plain fun. They put on a great stage show.
Don’t Wake Aisiln – 6:00pm – Underground Stage: This band represents their home state well (Texas that is). If nothing else come see their lead singer’s bold, beautiful voice.
For Today- 6:50pm – Main Stage: This show will be a lot like Sleeping Giant. These guys are an amazing hardcore band that puts on a show full of worship. So glad they are main stage this year.
My Epic – 9:00pm – Underground Stage: This has been one of my favorite bands for the past year.
P.O.D. – 9:50pm – Main Stage: I honestly never thought I would see them live. Now that I have the chance I will definitely be there.
Timbre – 10:30pm – Chelsea Café: I never seen a harp played like she plays it. Add all the other instruments and you’ve got quite the show.
Deas Vail – 11:15pm – Gallery Stage: I saw these guys last year on Main Stage and they were great. I’m excited to see them in a more intimate setting.
White Collar Sideshow- 12:00am – Encore Stage: I know they already played, but seeing them at midnight is so much better.

Saturday: Hip Hop day finally here! First to see the Legacy stage and then it’s off to Main stage. (And a little bit of other stuff in between of course…)
Odd Thomas – 6:00pm – Legacy Stage: I’ve never seen this guy before, in fact, I’ve only been listening to him for a couple of months.
Progpaganda – 6:45pm – Legacy Stage: I had never heard of this guy until I saw an incredibly moving video done by him. Now I’m hooked!
Seabird – 7:30pm – Main Stage: An atmospheric rock band from Ohio.
Blindside – 8:30pm – Main Stage: I’ve been listening to blindside for years and I haven’t seen them since high school. I can’t wait to see them play again.
Anberlin – 9:50pm – Main Stage: It’s been a while since I’ve seen these guys live. These are all time favorites of mine.
Listener – 8:00pm – Chelsea Café: If you can’t tell by now..I really like Listener! See him every time you can.
Hands – 8:30pm – Underground Stage: Since they never come to Austin, I definitely will be at this show! again.
The Wayside – 8:15pm – Gallery Stage: I saw them last year and loved them. I’m excited to hear their new stuff.
Josh Garrels – 9:35pm – Gallery Stage: His new CD just came out and if you haven’t heard it I’m sure he’ll be playing that stuff.
War of Ages – 12:00pm – Encore: It’s been a while since I’ve seen these guys.

Sunday: The last day and there’s still so much still to see!
Luminate – 6:00pm – Main Stage: I’ve never seen them live. I can’t wait to take pictures
Robbie Seay Band – 8:00pm – Main Stage: Love to worship with this guy!
Brooke Waggoner – 8:15pm – Gallery Stage: I love this girl’s voice!
Close Your Eyes – 8:15pm – Underground Stage: If you have never seen these guys, then come ready to rock out.
Sleeping Giant – 9:10pm – Underground Stage: This band puts on one of the most moving, worship filled hardcore shows I have ever seen. If you go to this show you will be changed. You won’t be able to stop it! It cannot be contained!
Josh Garrels – 10:30pm – Underground Stage: You have to see him at least once. If you are already planning on seeing him on Saturday, then you can never get enough. See him again!
The Chariot- 12:00pm – Encore Stage: You never know what craziness they are going to bring to the stage. The Chariot always puts on an insane show, and I can’t think of a better way to end Cornerstone 2011.

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