Cornerstone New Band Interview: My Maker and I

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One21music, in our quest to find the best upcoming Christian musicians, is featuring the bands from the Cornerstone 2011 New Band Showcase.  The Cornerstone New Band Showcase has launched many huge careers for Christian musicians including P.O.D., Sixpence None The Richer and Over The Rhine. The Cornerstone 2011 New Band Showcase features sixteen bands who will be performing on the Cornerstone Main Stage from Thursday, June 30th through Sunday, July 3rd.  In the two weeks leading up to Cornerstone 2011, One21music will be featuring interviews with 11 of the showcase bands and a 10 song free music sampler, which will be available, exclusively on on Wednesday, June 22.

We continue the Cornerstone 2011 New Band Showcase interview series with My Maker & I.  Guitarists Jared Voorhees and Fulton Giebel were kind enough to answer some questions for us.

My Maker & I

A musical collaboration started after attending Cornerstone ’10, My Maker & I dove head first into music-making with one main idea: to praise  the heck out of Jesus Christ.  To show this generation that there is a living,  loving God. My Maker & I delivers their message on top of chunky breakdowns, crazy melodies, and honest  lyrics.  Since Cornerstone ’10, My Maker & I recorded a two song EP and shared the stage with bands like Sleeping Giant, A Plea for Purging,  In the Midst of Lions, The Great Commission, Legend, Onward to Olympas, and many others.

My Maker and I

Interview with Christian Musicians My Maker & I

O21: Tell us what we need to know about My Maker & I that is not in your bio.

MMI: Truthfully, we’re a bunch of crazy, rambunctious kids who love to  play music for Jesus. (and we longboard a lot too)

O21: How would you describe your sound? What artists influenced you?

MMI: To be honest, we’ve all tried, and we just don’t know. With every  song, we try to not make itsound like ‘anybody else’. Biggest band to influence us – For Today. No doubt about it.

O21: Tell us about your recordings?  What is your favorite My Maker & I song?

MMI: We only have two recordings as of now. Two of our first songs, but still favorited by our fans. The favorite among us is probably “The Constant Fight.”  The lyrics are powerful, and it’s just a hard-hitting song.

O21: What is the best thing about making music?

MMI: The message. I mean it’s cool to be with all of us bros, making cool  riffs and making stuff peoplelike to hear, but it’s mainly what’s behind it.  Once people discover that, it’s the real hook.

O21:  How does your faith influence you musically and lyrically?

MMI: Well frankly it’s the whole reason we make the music in the first place, it’s what inspires us, afterall we always make the lyrics first.

O21: What is your view of Christian music?

MMI: It depends on which Christian music we’re talking here. I mean the christian genre is actually growing a lot but there’s a lot of fake stuff out  there. We try our best to keep it real.

O21: How do you think the general public and the mainstream music industry view faith based music?

MMI: It’s all generic. It’s all the same. It’s all forcing religion down your throats. In reality that’s far fromthe truth.

O21: How do you think that will impact your career?

MMI: To be honest, that’s not a huge obstacle for us. Being in the hardcore/metal scene, we reel in alot of kids who might not necessarily be expecting a religious message. They love the music, the breakdowns, and that’s when they start getting interested in what the music is all about. Kind of like a pleasant surprise.

O21: What responsibility do you think an artist/performer has to its listeners?

MMI: Stay real. Stay true to our roots, our original message. And of  course, to love our amazing fans!

O21:  In today’s music scene, with the demise of record companies and  mySpace, how does an artist develop a large enough following to sustain a career?

MMI: Get our name out there. It’s not all about sounding good at shows. We get friends, friends offriends, and THEIR friends to check us out. Keep  our facebookupdated. Relate to the fans. Givet hem what they want. Being in a band truthfully, really isn’t about US. There’s two things that are more important. Our fans, and Jesus of course.

O21: What is your best memory of your career so far?

MMI: Recording. We busted out two recordings in one day in the studio, and we all agree that we WILL record a full-length eventually, and we can’t wait. Being trapped inside that small room was the most fun experience we’ve ever had together as a band.

O21: What are your road traditions?

MMI: High speeds, minimal stops. On all of our past 17-hour drives to Cstone, we weren’t privileged to many stops. We live without them. Just crank the tunes higher, that’ll take our mind off it.

O21: What do you love about music?

MMI: It’s absolutely the best possible way to express ourselves. It’s  always there, when you’re happy,sad, whatever.

O21: What is your favorite song?

MMI: Fulton and Jared both agree that it’s got to be a For Today song. We  don’t know which one, all of them are so powerful. But they really inspire us.

O21: What is the best live show you have ever seen?

MMI: For Today and Sleeping Giant. Cornerstone Festival 2010. It was epic, it was inspirational. The festival in general last year was incredible.

O21: What is one thing people don’t understand about your music?

MMI: A lot of people typically don’t understand ‘Christian metal’ in general. Everybody assumes music with screaming is satanic. We’re a different story.

Thank you Jared, thank you Fulton for taking the time to share yourselves with our readers.

It is pretty clear that My Maker & I are a band on fire, it has been a big year for them.  come share the culmination of their Cornerstone 2010 commitment as they play the Main Stage, as part of the Cornerstone 2011 New Band Showcase, on Friday, July 1 at 12:35.

If you want a sample of My Maker & I music check out “Helper” from the One21music Cornerstone 2011 New Band Showcase sampler that will be released on One21music on June 22nd.


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