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One21music, in our quest to find the best up and coming Christian musicians, is featuring the bands from the Cornerstone 2011 New Band Showcase. The Cornerstone New Band Showcase has launched many huge careers for Christian musicians including P.O.D., Sixpence None The Richer and Over The Rhine. The Cornerstone 2011 New Band Showcase features sixteen bands who will be performing on the Cornerstone Main Stage from Thursday, June 30th through Sunday, July 3rd. In the two weeks leading up to Cornerstone 2011, One21music will be featuring interviews with 11 of the showcase bands and a 10 song free music sampler, which will be available, exclusively on on Wednesday, June 22.

We continue the Cornerstone 2011 New Band Showcase interview series with For The Broken. These guys play a modern version of 80′s metal that is all about bringing hope to the broken.

For The Broken

For The Broken is made up of five seasoned musicians with many years under their belt!  For The Broken is on a mission to touch lives through their music, share what they have learned along the way and deliver the message that “faith without works is dead.” Don’t be fooled by the “Spiritually Fit” Christian Rock” label,For The Broken songs can be intense as well as informative. For The Broken deliver a driving hard rock sound with Joe Pluff and  Aubrey Jones leading with way with a double guitar crunch, a pounding rhythm punch from  Aaron Heard on bass and Sean Devins on drums and Adam Montgomery delivering the message on vocals.

For The Broken

Interview with Christian Musicians For The Broken

O21:Tell us what we need to know about For The Broken that is not in your bio.

Sean-We rock!

Joe-the message we give is real

O21: How would you describe your sound? What artists influenced you?

Sean-Hard rock

Aaron-Hard rock, As I Lay Dying, August Burn Red

Adam-Heavy a singer,Paul Rogers, Sully, Brad Delp, Brandon Heath

Aubrey- I would describe us as radio-friendlly hard rock/metal. I am heavily influenced by instrumentalists and prog/rock metal bands. I try to let some bleed through to our music to make it a little more interesting than what you might typically hear.

Joe- Hard,heavy,in your face,with some groove,just good rock and roll with great a guitar player influence: Stryper, Kiss, ac/dc, Judas Priest, Queensryche, Paul Gilbert, Joe Satriani and the list is a lot longer,also like the 70′s.

O21: Tell us about your recordings? What is your favorite For The Broken song?

Aubrey-We have just completed an 8 track cd with Chapman Recording in K.C., Missouri My favorite song at this point in time is “I Walk a Free Man.”

Adam-Fave is a toss up between”Aint Nobody Innocent” and “I Walk a Free Man”.  The recordings are us in our first year, satisfied but looking forward to the new stuff.

Aaron- “Aint Nobody Innocent”

Sean- All of them are my favorites

Joe-They all have different qualities, they all rock, I cant choose.

O21: What is the best thing about making music?

Sean-We get to use our God given gifts to help others who may be hurting in some way.

Aaron- It carries a message with depth and weight.

Adam- touching lives

Aubrey-using our time and talents for the Lord.

Joe-Using our God given talents to make someone else feel better and touch as many lives as we can.

O21: How does your faith influence you musically and lyrically?

Adam-My faith is my gasoline. I run on nothing else. It’s a lifestyle.

Aaron-God gave me the ability to play an instrument,so I use it to glorify Him.

Sean-I know God has given me the ability to play drums.

Joe-When I write I always give God the glory,and when the band finishes a song(and the hairs stand on the back of your neck)you know God is there.

O21: What is your view of Christian music?

Sean-To me its like any other genre of music.

Aaron- Its good

Aubrey-Tt is our opportunity to spread the truth and to provide an alternative to the mainstream.

Joe-The great thing is is that it is all very positive. The world need a lot more of that.

Adam-No different than anything else,some real good,some pretty bad. If it leads you to have a God conscience all through out the day its all good.

O21: How do you think the general public and the mainstream music industry view faith based music?

Aubrey-People always ask me”so do you guys sound like Stryper?”

Adam-Boring,pushy-but catching

Joe- They think because you have God in your life that you walk on water..(well you are wrong) one does,all fall short of the glory of God..we all and myself, screw up everyday just like everyone else. the only difference is…we know where we are going when we die.

O21: How do you think that will impact your career?

Joe- There is no impact. If its God’s will,it will be done, that is fact.

O21: What responsibility do you think an artist/performer has to its listeners?

Adam- To be an example even when no one is watching,but someone is always watching.

Aubrey- I think you have to write what you love first. If you gain fans doing that, then the performances and material are always genuine.

Sean- Music is an outlet. People want to hear music that makes them feel good.

Joe- To give them the best possible show you can(they paid to hear you). To not have an ego,talk with them after shows etc..listen to them as far as what songs they like etc….it matters to them.

O21: In today’s music scene, with the demise of record companies and mySpace, how does an artist develop a large enough following to sustain a career?


Aubrey- Its all about promoting yourself and using every tool available.

Adam- Let us know

Joe-Promote yourself,knock on doors,hand out flyers,you have to be a sales person. Use all the internet services avaialble,they are pretty wonderful.if the music is good,and its Gods will,people will come..

O21: What is your best memory of your career so far?

Adam- Still waiting on that one. The best is yet to come

Aubrey- recording at Chapman Studios.

Aaron- Chapman recording.

Joe-Watching how God is working in our band.

O21: What are your road traditions?

Sean- Lots of Moutain Dew.

Aubrey- Watching Aaron eat two meals at Ihop after a show.

Adam-push-ups,prayer before every show,and still developing some.

Joe-What Sean said and pray before shows.

O21: What do you love about music?

Adam- It moves me

Aubrey- I think music can bypass the mess that is in our brain and speak directly to our heart and soul.

Sean- everything

Aaron- It’s a universal language

Joe- I love the way it makes me feel inside. The adrenaline is incredible when you play for God.  It is my release from the rest of the world.

O21: What is your favorite song?

Aaron- To many to write down

Sean- Changes daily

Aubrey- Too numerous to mention.

Joe-I have thousands(but you know,”Shock Me” is my ring tone on my phone).

O21: What is the best live show you have ever seen?

Adam- Foo Fighters

Aubrey- Dream Theatre “Train of Thought” tour Kansas City 2004.

Sean- Too many to name.

Aaron- As I Lay Dying

Joe- Rod Stewart, Aerosmith, Foo Fighters, Stryper, Kiss, Van Halen 1984, Cinderella, Steve Vai, JoeSsatriani, Ozzy 1981, Queensryche, Dream Theatre ,Alice in Chains, Nickelback, ac/dc, Poison, Cheap Ttrick, Def Leppard…the list is very long…pick one

O21: What is one thing people don’t understand about your music?

Adam- It’s more for non-christians than Christians. (for the broken)

Aubrey- Not necessarily our music,but sometimes people wonder how we can be a “Christain” band and still perform in bars/clubs that are not Christian venues.

Joe- That it is “for the broken” Ppeople who need lifted up,something positive. There is soooooo much angry/negative music out there we want to give them positive stuff. As for the bar scene, people don’t understand why we play in clubs…that’s where we are needed…I’m no different than the guy in the bar(I’m just not getting hammered drunk) I’m not sinless at all,no one on earth is walking on water….faith with out works is dead, God bless.

Thank you Joe, Sean, Aubrey  and Adam.  You certainly have a clear vision of who you are and what you are trying to do.

For The Broken will be playing the Cornerstone 2011 New Band Showcase on Friday, July 1st at 1:10 p.m. See you there!

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