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One21music, in our quest to find the best up and coming Christian musicians, is featuring the bands from the Cornerstone 2011 New Band Showcase.  The Cornerstone New Band Showcase has launched many huge careers for Christian musicians including P.O.D., Sixpence None The Richer and Over The Rhine. The Cornerstone 2011 New Band Showcase features sixteen bands who will be performing on the Cornerstone Main Stage from Thursday, June 30th through Sunday, July 3rd.  In the two weeks leading up to Cornerstone 2011, One21music will be featuring interviews with 11 of the showcase bands and a 10 song free music sampler, which will be available, exclusively on on Wednesday, June 22.

We continue our Cornerstone 2011 New Band Showcase series with Imminent.  The Kisiel’s and Kirby Torres play a rousing brand of metal with a straight forward message about Christ.


ImminentImminent is a powerful quartet rising out of Chicago with a real sound of rock/ metal Their big sound rides with a powerful groove; the lyrics simply pierce your heart. Front man Dave Kisiel describes the group as, “An aggressive passionate heart’s cry of one’s desire. Each of us put everything we have into this band and in the music we play.”

Imminent vocalist Dave Kisiel, guitarist Mike Kisiel , and bassist Joe Kisiel assembled together in the early part of 2006. In late 2009, drummer Kirby Torres became the newest addition to the band. All four members have been playing music since their youth with influences of heavy metal, speed/thrash, rock, classic rock, punk, Latin rock, jazz, and blues. The amalgamation of these styles has generated a sound of their own, anew and inspired. They all are now living their dream of becoming more.  Imminent‘s purpose is simple, to create music with a positive and spiritual message. They are connecting with fans building friendships and changing the world one song at a time.  Their passion is pulsing; their creativity is concerted.

Their self titled EP Imminent is available on Amazon.

Interview with Christian Musicians Imminent

O21: How would you describe your sound? What artists influenced you?

Dave Kisiel: It is aggressive, passionate, and a real hardrock/metal sound. We grew up listening to a lot of metal and hard rock music. Pantera, Ironmaiden, Black Sabbath, Suicidal Tendencies, Rush, Judas Priest, Sevendust, Incubus, Coheed and Cambria, P.O.D. are just a few key bands that have influenced us.

O21: Tell us about your recordings? What is your favorite Imminent song?

Dave Kisiel: We have invested a lot of our time and money into our studio. Recording has been a process and an adventure. We actually recorded and did our self titled EP. It was rough, but since then we have really grown with our recording methods and new gear. Right now we are in the process of recording and mixing our album. The sound quality is like night and day compare to our first project, which was the EP. We are really excited to get this new album out there. Honestly all of our songs are great we can’t really favor one more than the other.

O21: What is the best thing about making music?

Dave Kisiel: When people connect to your music in an intimate way making our songs their own. I love to see people in the crowd singing our song with us.

Joe Kisiel: I agree, but I would also have to say that creating the music it self is amazing. Taking that thought of your song that’s in your head, and then seeing it come alive, and grow is what I love.

O21: How does your faith influence you musically and lyrically?

Dave Kisiel: We like to bring the reality of the word of God to our songs, and the reality of life, being real in our music is what we go for. All of our lyrics are faith based with a positive message of the gospel, whether we’re speaking from our own experiences in life or others that we know of. Musically we give everything we have, our talents to lift up the name of Christ.

O21: What is your view of Christian music?

Dave Kisiel: We enjoy most Christian music. We love to hear people’s praises and songs that lift up God and their experiences. Really what we are all doing is worship, which what all of this is about. One thing I dislike is regurgitated Christian music and/or songs. I’d like to see a little more originality out of the genre rather then hear 200 versions of the same song, but if it’s bringing people to Christ I don’t have a problem with it I would just like to see more creativity and originality.

We try not to be labeled as Christian music, but we are Christians who are playing music. It puts bands who are trying to reach out to those who are lost in a box, sheltered from the rest of the world. Our main goal is to tell and speak to those who have not yet heard the gospel of Christ or want to know him more.

O21: What responsibility do you think an artist/performer has to its listeners?

Dave Kisiel: To keep growing in the right direction. And stay true to the style of music and message that’s is portrayed.

O21: In today’s music scene, with the demise of record companies and mySpace, how does an artist develop a large enough following to sustain a career?

Dave Kisiel: Its important to first let people know that as a band you exist. Being persistent in exposing your music is a good start. You are selling product which is your music, so it is wise to let people know about your product. If you don’t have an album or an EP it would be impossible for people to listen to your music. You have to put yourself out there and gear towards a specific fan base, that usually is determined by the genre of music. It is important to play a lot of shows, not in just in one area, but to venture out into different towns and states. Radio play is a good way to get exposure.

O21: What is your best memory of your career so far?

Mike Kisiel: It is tough to say to be honest. It seems every year we go to new heights and there are a lot of really good memories. One that really sticks out was back in 2009 we took 2nd place out of few hundred band in Chicago’s Emergenza battle of the bands. We played a packed out show at one of the most poplar, if not the most popular club in Chicago, the Metro. That was the best sound we have every had on stage so far and the energy from the audience was intense. We took a hiatus in 2010 and now returning stronger then ever in 2011. Winning the #1 voted band to play Cornerstone this year is going to be yet another great memory.

O21: What are your road traditions?

Mike Kisiel: We pray and then sing “We love you Lord” together as a band before every show. I would also say 9 out of 10 times we hit the nearest taco bell after shows.

Joe Kisiel: Definitely Taco Bell!

O21: What do you love about music?

Kirby Torres: I love that music is about feeling, that it has a science, and it can be so spiritual. Music is like a different language and when a bunch of people get together and communicate that language, it takes me out of the ordinary mode of life and puts me in the mood I’m getting from the music. Even with extremely repetitive music like techno or a 12 bar blues, there is a soul to the music itself. Playing Music keeps me together mentally emotionally and spiritually. It’s so cultural. It tells stories through time. What a message.

O21: What is your favorite song?

Kirby Torres: Wow. This is really hard. How do you ask a musician this question? “With or Without You” by U2. “Pardon Me” by Incubus. “Rock With You” by Michael Jackson. Or “Arms Open Wide” by Hillsong. Or or or. Oh, “Wake Up” by Coheed and Cambria. “Voodoo” by Jimi Hendrix. Too many.

O21: What is the best live show you have ever seen?

Kirby Torres: I went to see Coheed & Cambria play their Second Stage Turbine Blade tour at the House of Blues. That was sick. It was so high energy and just flawless, the stage sets were amazing, it was a real show.

Mike Kisiel: Oh man that would have to be Pantera at the Aragon ballroom back in 92′ on the Vulgar Display of Power Tour. I was 10 back then and things were a bit different back then. The entire floor was filled with metal folding chairs. I was there with my dad, Joe, and cousin Chris. After the opening acts before Pantera hit the stage everyone started tossing the chairs off to the side to make a huge pit! Row by row it came closer to me. It was wild! People were body surfing, throwing each other in the air, and shouting out Pantera!! It was cool, but man I was 10 and small. I was freaking out a bit because not only did I not want to find myself in the pit, but I was standing on the chair, which was the only way I could even see some of the stage. Luckily, the rows peeled back only 2 rows away from us. The show was awesome! That was the last time the “Gon” had folding chairs setup on the main floor. I am a HUGE fan of Dimebag Darrell. I actually always called him Diamond Darrell which is what he was called at first. He is by far my favorite guitarist and influenced my playing. Anyway back to the story. I heard some great songs that night and was the last show I seen where Phil Anselmo actually could still belt out them high pitch screams. After the show it was like the Chicago Bulls won the championship. I’m not joking. It was a riot! People jumping on cars, shaking peoples cars as the were stopped at the red light, and continuous shouts of Pan-ter-a, Pan-ter-a! Then out comes Dime and with his video cam off the balcony of the place recording the madness. There’s actual clips of that found on Pantera‘s Vulgar Videos. That was one show I will never forget.

Thank you, guys for taking the time to answer these questions so our readers can get to know you a little better.

It is obvious that the guys from Imminent have a deep love for God and a passion for music.  Grab their EP, Imminent at Amazon.

If you want a sample of Imminent check out “Godspeed” from the One21music Cornerstone 2011 New Band Showcase sampler that will be released on One21music on June 22nd.

Imminent will be playing the Cornerstone 2011 New Band Showcase on Friday, July 1st at 1:45 p.m.


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