Free Download:Divide The Sea-Fear. Anger. Strife. EP

Divide The Sea- Fear. Anger. Strife.

If you are into southern infused metalcore, then you should already know Divide The Sea. Last year they released MAN, and we liked it so much that we choose it for one of our top Metal/Hardcore Releases of 2010. This year, they have changed a few members, begun to tour alot more, and decided to brutal up their sound a little bit. They also released an EP, called Fear. Anger. Strife.. Its way good. Its raw. Its heavy. Its a little knarley. In a good way…..

Seriously, this a great band with a bright future that has just matured their sound ten-fold. The EP is now pay-what you-want, and it is worthy every penny you choose to give them for it. You can listen to full song samples and download the EP by clicking the link below.


Download Fear. Anger. Strife. by Divide The Sea

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