Free Download:Josh Garrels-LOVE & WAR & THE SEA IN BETWEEN

Love & War & The Sea In Between

Josh Garrels is hands down one of our favorite artists playing music right now. He is the most pure example of what a modern “Christian” music artist should be: honest, deep, creative, unique, and VERY good at what he does. What he does is combination of Iron & Wine esque progressive folk, with a touch of Sleeping At Last atmosphere and tops all of it off with a little surfer hip-hop in the vein of Sublime. You really can’t pin down what he does, his style is completely his own and he just simply doesn’t have any peers.

That brings us today. After almost 3 years without a new album,Josh Garrels has returned with his latest full-length (and when I say full-length I mean 17 tracks of amazing music) Love & War & The Sea In Between. I am listening to it right now and in my opinion it is hands down the best thing he has ever done. It is like off the charts good. Its unlike anything you own right now, and that is a promise.

For you and me there are also two very important things to note about this masterpiece showing up on Noisetrade:
1. The album pay-what-you-feel (or free if you wish)
2. It has been released on Noisetrade almost a month ahead of its official release date


Download Josh Garrels LOVE & WAR & THE SEA IN BETWEEN from Noisetrade NOW


  1. Bill B says:

    Josh Garrels album Love & War & the Sea in Between is a masterpiece of music. (I have all his albums.)

    I believe you err when saying Noisetrade made this album available a month before it’s official release date? The release date was June 15, 2011.

  2. ian says:

    it wont be available on Amazon until July 15th


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