Essential Songs: Propaganda-Dig

propaganda dig essential song
Find it
somewhere in your soul
the last bit of strength that will take ya on home
Just find it
somewhere in your heart
to put the past be the past and go back to the start
selfish, prideful, come get an eyeful
of an ugly dark stain on a once wonderful resume
easily strolls down the road of perdition
leaves a man wishin for his own position
I know its so empty but its still so tempting
and if I ever lose sight come and get me
you gotta dig

She’s a jewel in your crown
Dont trade a million dollar future for a nickle right now
Mama said leave a place better than you found it
and lookin in your eyes I realize how profound that is
Like theres no tomorrow
Dig like your livin on time thats borrowed
Homie its in there somewhere
Dig like your life depends on it ’cause it does
And grand mama touched down
Fresh from TX a block from Ghost Town
Natural born rider, Watts Riots survivor
Loved them four kids, but those streets were a beast
God’s grace alone, three outta four made it
Now the son of second born is rockin microphones
Its so lovely, wish it could hug me, dirty and it stinks but its mine for the keeps
Cold piece of work, the son of a nine-to-fiver
Civil Rights and Vietnam War survivor
Told my grand papie that blacks were not human
but that didnt stop the movement
You gotta dig

You can find it
The wind sings the songs of the dedicated few that wouldnt fall head long
Just find it
Watch me tighten my belt
When the prayers of this rapper is a desperate cry for help
I desire a higher outcome than we
Cant you forgive me if I dismiss ya it aint to diss ya
I am not a Rasta dont let the dreads fool ya
Though I take Ja seriously
if its cool let me school ya
I cant say Im not tired
Felt a little envious of names on flyers
Empty handed and homesick, though I know my flow’s sick
If yall only knew how cold this road gets
You gotta dig

and if I ever lose sight come and get me
you gotta dig

Im not the artist Im the canvas
Remind of my own words, though I cant stand it
Hold me accountable
Call me on my laziness
Call by my birth name
Look me in the face and dig

You gotta dig
and if I ever lose sight come and get me
you gotta dig

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