Free Download: Friends-Better Off Alone EP

friends better off alone

Im not sure if many people are aware of this, but there was a time when the term “emo” didnt describe a bunch of winy scene kinds with bad haircuts and My Chemical Romance. Back in the 90s, “emo” was a shortened version of the term “emotional rock”, which was essentially a bunch of kids from hardcore bands wanting to do melodic music that had a more personal feel to it. Sadly after the demise of bands like Further Seems Forever, Twothirtyeight, The Early November, and bands like Saves The Day tapering off, the genre that was Emo became the new word for Goth (both of which have nothing to do with the actual genres of music).

Pieced together from various bands in the hardcore scene, Friends is here to take back the term, and the beginning of revolution is the Better Off Alone EP. I know, Im being a bit dramatic, but I used to love this type of music, and Im glad some talented dudes are trying to bring it back.

Watch the video we took of Friends playing their first Cornerstone set and then go download the EP with the link below.

Download the Better Off Alone EP by Friends

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