Free Download: Revival Hymns-Feathers

Revival Hymns Feathers

Im not really sure how to describe Finland’s Revival Hymns to you. No, it isnt a worship band, despite the name leading you believe that. Yes, its rock; but not really indie rock, hard rock, or progressive. Its kind of all of those mixed in with a little shoegaze (dont worry I didnt understand the sub-genre either at first). I can tell you this: Feathers is a album that takes its time (the first track is over 9 minutes), but it never gets boring. In fact, Revival Hymns are a very interesting band, and they have crafted a sound that Im not really sure anybody else is currently playing.

After a few times listening to Feathers, Im fairly sure that it will end up on our “End Of The Year…” lists, and will remain in my heavy rotation for a long while. Grab this album before the band realizes they have crafted a incredible album and stop giving it away.

Download Feathers by Revival Hymns

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