Gettin’ Giddy: Love & War & The Sea In Between by Josh Garrels


Love War The Sea In Between

There really are few other words to credibly describe this work of staggering import and breathtaking beauty. Love & War & The Sea In Between will pull you onto a dance floor, inspire you to  raise your hands and shout to God, push you to your knees in prayer and, as it has me on several occasions, cause tears to stream down your face. On his sixth release in a little over a decade Josh Garrels has perfected his musical vision.

For those of you new to Josh Garrels‘ music, it is unique in the 21st century music scene.  Yes it is folk music based on Josh’s acoustic guitar.  Much instrumental depth and color is added in the studio, but these songs stand up well when performed on just Josh Garrels‘ guitar and his beat sampler. Yes, Josh Garrels marries his folk music with a beat sampler to create an acoustic hip hop no one else is doing.  But Josh Garrels is no hip hop artist. The vocals, on his epic theological rants, spew forth with a rhythm, emotion and precision that rivals any beat poet.  At other times his vocals float in an acapella tenderness that add depth and weight to his lyrics. And it is  the lyrics are what set Josh Garrels apart.  The theological weight and unwavering honesty of his lyrics force you to listen over and over and over again.

Josh Garrels is giving the album away for one year on his website But we implore you to support one of the most important Christian musicians playing today by going to Amazon and buying Love & War & The Sea In Between. Let’s make a statement that great music and great artists should be rewarded.

On Love & War & The Sea In Between, there are several trademark Josh Garrels beat folk lyrical poems that challenge and embrace our faith.  Here are a few examples:

“Farther Along”
..But I still get heartbreak
Stoned everyside between the Rock and the compromise
Like truth and a pack of lies fighting for my soul
I got no place left to go
Cause I got changed by what I been showed.
It’s more glory than the world has known
It keeps me ramblin’ on
Skipping like a calf freed from his stall
Free to love once and for all.
Even when I fall I get back up
Through the joy that overflows my cup
Heaven filled me with more than enough
Broke down my levees and my bluffs
Let the flood wash me…

“The Resistance”
In this admonition to Believers to stand up and resist evil at any cost Josh Garrels bellows these lyrics over a driving beat:
…Through grief and through suffering
We find the joy that it brings
To be free
It’s gonna cost us everything
To follow one Lord and King
True love endures everything
To be free

I could go on and on copying lyrics for you but I think I will just let you experience a performance of “Beyond The Blue” from Cornerstone 2011. This is one of the highlights of Love & War & The Sea In Between and pretty good example of what your will get on this new release

Josh Garrels sing Beyond The Blue from Love & War & The Sea In Between

Love & War & The Sea In Between is filled with these beat, folk, worship, protest songs but what sets this recording apart from Josh Garrels’ previous works are the stunning ballads and love songs that flow through Love & War & The Sea In Between. “Bread & Wine”, “Million Miles” are two beautiful love songs. However, the show stopper of this entire recording is “Ulysses”.  In our opinion, this song of longing and determination is the most beautiful vocal we have ever heard from Josh Garrels.

Ulysses by Josh Garrels

Love & War & The Sea in Between features 18 songs, including three instrumentals. In my iTunes I have 12 songs rated five. This is a huge work of staggering depth and beauty. I cannot imagine this will not top the One21music Best of 2011. You can go get this for free at or you can contribute to greatness buy buying Love & War & The Sea In Between at Amazon

Listen to Love & War & The Sea In Between by Josh Garrels

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