Free Download:The Civil Wars-Daytrotter Session

The Civil Wars Daytrotter

If you have never been over to Daytrotter before, they are this awesome music website that keeps it’s finger on the pulse on the best of what is happening in the underground music scene. Every week they invite artists to come to their studio and play stripped down sets of which they record and put up on the site for free download. Every now and then they post one of these studio sessions from artists that we cover, and this last week they post their session with The Civil Wars.

If you have been paying attention to music in general this year, it is hard to ignore the waves that The Civil Wars are making these days. Moving along with the simple platform of amazing song writing and flawless execution, the duo have gone from barely known to headlining tours in a little under two years. Their Daytrotter shows them doing what they do best, singing the heck outta their songs, and for that reason alone you should download it. Oh yea, did I also mention that there is The Cival Wars‘ version of “Disarm” by The Smashing Pumpkins in there? Well it is.

The link will take you to Daytotter where you can either stream the tracks or download the whole thing. Enjoy!

Download The Civil Wars’ Daytrotter Session

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