Sean Michel’s Delta Blues Project

Sean Michel is a delta bluesman prophet from Arkansas. Watching Christian musician Sean Michel perform you experience the bold faith and intensity of  Elijah or Paul.  He plays a smoking hot blues that we have all been trying to find since John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf left the delta for Chicago recording studios.  In the decades since the 50′s, music has become a commodity to packaged, sold and now stolen.  The record industry laments the loss of an business while a few of us lament the loss of  an art form that we have only heard about.   Sean Michel has launched a project to recapture the soul of that legendary music.  He can describe it better than me:

Yep, we can all participate in this cooperative recording project.  We can all contribute from $5 to as much as we like.  In response to your participation, Sean will extend his gratitude, his music, dinner with him, even his guitar.  I want all of us to contribute as much as we can because I want to enjoy this new music Sean Michel is creating.  See what I mean with a preview of “The Curse Is Broken”, one the songs that will be part of this project:

Once you put out the fire coming from you speakers grab your credit card or you pay pal account and join “The Back to The Delta Project”:

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