Free Download:Heath McNease-The Nintendo Thumb Mixtape

heath mcnease-straight outta console the nitendo thumb mixtape

Our boy Heath McNease is back with his nerdiest music yet! And that is saying alot!

A freakin ridiculous mixtape using Nintendo samples, pop culture references, a shoestring budget, anabolic steroids from, and a lot of love

Its an entire album of Heath McNease rapping over beats with Nintendo video game samples, featuring ForBeatsSake, Davey Rockit, Playdough, Manchild (of Mars Ill/Deepspace5), Red Cloud, Okwerdz, Cas Metah, KJ 52, Sivion, and Fab Da Eclectic. Its all tongue and cheek and so much fun!

My real question is why you are still reading this and you haven’t already started downloading this yet? Enjoy!

Download Straight Outta Console: The Nintendo Thumb Mixtape by Heath McNease

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