Free Downloads: Mosquito Fleet

Progressive rock band Mosquito Fleet released a terrific EP Swings & Cloves in January of this year and then took a long hiatus this summer.  This week they announced their return with a new show in Marion, Illinois and a gift for all of us not in Marion, Illinois.  Mosquito Fleet is offering  free downloads of Swings & Cloves and their 2010 debut full length All Those Who Wander Are Not Lost. But you must hurry, because these terrific albums will only be available for free this week.

Mosquito Fleet Swings & Cloves

Swings & Cloves is a collection of progressive rock tunes that continues the band’s sophisticated journey through their faith.  The extended “Everything’s Different” explores doubt and confusion over 8:55 of emotional and emotive percussion, guitar solos and vocal choruses that builds to a grand crescendo. Swings & Cloves also includes a beautiful 7:00 version of “Come Thou Fount of Ev’ry Blessing”. After a rough start to their touring career in 2010, Mosquito Fleet used Swings & Cloves to experiment with a “pay what you want” model for their music.  This is beautiful rock music in the vein of Paper Route and Seabird.

Download Mosquito Fleet’s Swings & Cloves EP here

Mosquito Fleet All Those Who Wander Are Not LostThe real gem here is Mosquito Fleet‘s full length debut, All Those Who Wander Are Not Lost. As far as we can tell, this album has never been available for free download.  All Those Who Wander Are Not Lost explores the faith transition from high school to college.  You know that period of time from when you were pressed to just accept your parents’ faith and fall in line to that time when everything you believed, accepted, and relied upon was challenged. A time when you were challenged to examine and develop what you believe.  You remember that time when you felt like you were wandering. Primary song writer Josh Yoshonis takes us through that period and shows us the light at the end of the journey.

Download Mosquito Fleet’s All Those Who Wander Are Not Lost here

Remember, download these two exciting records today.  They will not be free for long!


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