Music Video:Jenny + Tyler-Song For You

From the album Faint Not comes Jenny + Tyler‘s latest video for the track “Song For You”.

At its core, Song for You is a love story. Our goal was to paint a picture of the Lord’s persistent and steadfast love for us and his pursuit of us. The song follows the story of an individual who is either running from God or does not recognize the Lord’s love. We hear the Lord calling out to him or her, “I have done for you everything my love. Hear my song for you. I will not hold my tongue.” The Lord has done everything he needs to do in order to bring us to himself through his son Jesus. All we have to do is respond. The bridge speaks of the gentle and merciful love of God, “I will never harm you, so come.” At the end of the song, the individual opens his or herself up to the Lord and finds a home in His love.

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