Free Download: Holding Onto Hope-Self-Titled

Holding Onto Hope Self-Titled

We have featured Holding Onto Hope‘s raw form of melodic metalcore on the site before, and after a year or so of silence, the band is back and have released a monster of an album.

Despite its display of intensity, Holding Onto Hope’s fundamental vision remains consistent on their self-titled release: expressing the love of Christ. The album’s outlook is split right down the middle. The first five songs portray a dark, desolate time in life. “It’s about being haunted by the past, not believing and not knowing God.”

There are simple not enough bands like Holding Onto Hope in the heavy scene today: bands that understand that the dark sound of the genre can be used to express struggle, and therefor be contrasted with light and redemption. If you are a fan of Life In Your Way, Oh Sleeper, or A Sequence Of Ghosts, download this album!

Download the self-titled album by Holding Onto Hope

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