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life in your way-kingdom

After way too long, I present to you Kingdoms by Life In Your Way. For those that dont know, Life In Your Way was one of the best melodic hardcore bands in the scene until they broke up three years ago. However, early this year the band announced that they would be reforming to write and record, Kingdoms, an epic conceptual that is broken up into three parts. The Kingdom of Man which showcases the much evolved hardcore sound that fans expect from the band. The Kingdoms Of Darkness in which the band shows off how brutal they can truly be. Finally, The Kingdom of God is filled with messages of hope and chorus filled anthems meant to awaken and restore. All in all, Life In Your Way have written the album of their career, and proven that etching out your own sound means more than following trends and compromising the integrity of your art.

Kingdoms is a hardcore masterpiece.

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