Music Video:We The Gathered – Believer

Here is the first video from Strike First Records’ latest metal assault, We The Gathered, with the title track off of their October 25th debut, Believer. The video is kinda just a performance clip, but I really dig the song. Enjoy

Music Video: Neulore-Eve

Neulore is one of my new favorite bands. They remind me of all of older 90s bands that did really bizarre, kind of dark rock that was really intense but not heavy. Thats what Neulore are, intense. I love it. Check out the video to see what Im talking about.

Free Download: Mat Kearney Daytrotter Session

mat kearney daytotter session

Daytrotter strikes again with another awesome stripped down performance from one of our favorite artists, Mat Kearney . His latest album, Young Love, is making it to the top of Chuck’s list of the year, and even in this very minimal setting, you can understand why. Mat‘s voice is distinct and his songs are so well done that the Daytrotter recordings still sound like a million bucks.

The session mainly pulls from Young Love, but Kearney throws in “City Of Black and White” as well from his 2009 album of the same name. All in all its a way to see this amazing performer do his thing without all the glitz and glam. Download now!

Download Mat Kearney’s Daytrotter Session

New Releases For October 18th, 2011

Casting Crowns-Come To The Well
Come To The Well
Casting Crowns

Reunion Records
Buy now: Amazon

The City Harmonic-I Have A Dream (It Feels Like Home)
I Have A Dream (It Feels Like Home)
The City Harmonic

Kingsway Music
Buy now: Amazon

family force 5 III
Family Force 5

Tooth & Nail Records
Dance Rock
Buy now: Amazon

Kierra Sheard-Free album
Kierra Sheard

EMI Gospel
Buy now: Amazon

Micah Stampley-One Voice
One Voice
Micah Stampley

Interface Records
Buy now: Amazon

my brightest diamond All Things Will Unwind
All Things Will Unwind
My Brightest Diamond

Asthmatic Kitty
Buy now: Amazon

sara groves invisible empires
Invisible Empires
Sara Groves

Fair Trade Services
Buy now: A

states room to run
Room To Run

States and Eggs Records
Indie Rock
Buy now: Amazon MP3

Randy Travis-Blessed Assurance
Blessed Assurance
Randy Travis

Spring Hill Music
Buy now: Amazon

Music Video: Twenty|One|Pilots-House Of Gold

So, I had never heard of Twenty|One|Pilots up until 5 days ago. I think they might be my new favorite band. They do this kinda frantic folk mixed with indie Hip-Hop. They are weird, which means we love them.

Music Video: Underoath-Driftwood

Here is a music video of sorts for a trippy little song called “Driftwood” by Underoath. I think subconsciously I posted it just so you could marvel at Daniel’s facial hair, cuz its EPIC!

Free Download:Passionate Hope Vol. 1

passionate hope vol 1 songs of worship

Our boys over at Indie Vision Music have done it it again!

Indie Vision Music Presents: Passionate Hope Vol. 1: Songs of Worship, launching today as a FREE Download right here at IVM. “Passionate Hope Vol. 1” is a unique collection of independent artists from across the country composing honest original songs that we consider to be “worship”. Our team member and long time friend, Eric Pettersson, came up with this idea several months ago. Myself and Eric have been steadily working on the project ever since and we have now teamed up to release this free download to you.

The tracklisting is impressive to say the least:
Altarmotive “You Are”
An Epic, No Less “Mercy Light (Remix)” – New Version
The Apprentice “Oh The Slavery Comfort Brings Part 1 & 2″
Attaboy “This Is Love”
Barry Blaze “Beautiful Lamb”
Before It’s Too Late “Welcome Home”
Benjamin Dunn & Friends “Melody of Salvation”
Bigfoot Wallace “Smiling Face”
Blood and Water “Given Up”
Brave Saint Saturn “Invictus”
Brightgray “Fill My Heart”
CODE “Somebody’s Waiting”
Coolfield “Made My Bed” (Demo)
Cool Hand Luke “So Shall it Be”(Live at the Brown Owl) & “Not the End, Not the End”
Dana Jorgensen “Save Me Tonight”
Devin Shelton (Ex-Emery) “So Far Away”
Elation “Your Sacrifice”
Embers in Ashes “Rescued Me”
The Ember Days “Yeshua” & “How Great You Are”
Esterlyn “El Shaddai”
Everett “The Crown”
Finchley “Thankful”
Great Awakening “Let Me Hear (Ravish Your Heart)”
The Great Transparency “Fighting For”
Jacob Pierce “Psalm 63?
Jay Tholen “Blood Fete”
Jeff Jacquay (Ex-Unashamed) “Trifecta”
Jenny and Tyler “Carry Me”
Jerome Madigan “On Christ I Stand”
Joe Henschel “Come Alive Again”
Joel Hosler (Ex-Noise Ratchet) “Through You”
John Ball “Found Among the Broken”
Jonathan Jones “My Faith”
Jonathan Thulin “We Sing Hallelujah”
Least of These “Filthy Man”
Lenny and Elin Smith “Song for Helene”
Lovelite “Brevity” (Remix Version by Phil Danyew)
Luke Parker “Sweet Surrender”
Matt Papa “Jesus is Lord”
Matt Shelton (The Wedding) “Let Your Hands Be Strong”
Micah Massey “Lift Up”
Mojo & October Light “Everything Will Be Made Right” (Featuring Matt “Mojo” Morginsky of The O.C. Supertones)
Mosquito Fleet “Come Thou Fount of Ev’ry Blessing”
My Epic “Alone”
Nine O Five/Josh McCabe “With Everything (Feat. Aaron Gillespie)”
Oceans and Vessels “Redemption’s Sound”
Out of Hiding “Door of Heaven”
Owen Pye “Pharisee of the State”
Preson Phillips “It Lives…” ( new song)
Press Play “Angels Sing”
Ray Torres & The Mercy “Redirect”
The Relay(Ex-Pennylane) “Atoning Sacrifice (Praise You)”
Safe Haven “Let Go”
Scott Silletta (Ex-Plankeye/Fanmail) “Honestly”
Sean Lea “Whole Again”
Shakedown Boulevard “Glory to Come”
Shake it Up “Sleeping Awake”
Shake the Nation “Bruises and Scars”
Showbread “Deliverance”
Sleep for Sleepers “The Fearless (Live Acoustic)” & “So You Found (Acoustic Demo)”
So Long Forgotten “As the Waters Cover the Sea”
The Somewhat “Capo”
Standing Small “Breathe Today (Real Mix)”
Stay the Shores “Oh, My King”
The Stolen Season “Rescue”
TopherMan “Tower of Lies”
Warr Acres “You Are Joy” & “Heaven Bound”
The Welcome Wagon “He Never Said a Mumblin’ Word”

Download Passionate Hope Vol. 1: Songs of Worship at Indie Vision Music

New Releases For October 11th, 2011

deas vail-self titled
Deas Vail
Deas Vail

Mono VS Stereo
Pop Rock
Buy now:Amazon MP3[+digital booklet]

immortal souls IV The Requiem For The Art Of Death
IV: The Requiem For The Art Of Death
Immortal Souls

Facedown Records
Buy now:Amazon

jj heller deeper ep
Deeper EP
JJ Heller

Stone Table Records
Buy now: Amazon

lauren alaina-wildflower
Lauren Alaina

Mercury Nashville/19 Recordings
Buy now:Amazon [+digital booklet]

martina mcbride eleven
Martina McBride

Republic Nashville
Buy now:Amazon [+digital booklet]

Run Kid Run-Patterns
Run Kid Run

Tooth & Nail Records
Buy now: Amazon

Music Video: Fedel-Work It Out (Hale)

Another club banger from Fedel with his latest single “Work It Out (Hale)”.

Music Video: Immortal Souls-Nuclear Winter

Its time for a little Euro-Metal via Immortal Souls with their song “Nuclear Winter” which will appear on their upcoming October 11th, 2011 release IV: The Requiem for the Art of Death. Headbang yer hearts out guys!