Free Download: Another Way To Fight Vol. 4

another way to fight vol 4

Beehave is back with their 4th volume of their Another Way To Fight  compilation series.

I dont really need to convince you to download this right? I mean, there are close to 90 songs in this compilation, spanning from rock to metal to worship. Check out the tracklist and get busy listening to your new favorite song!

Download the complete Another Way To Fight compilation (right click, save target as)

Disc 1 (Rock) (download this disc only)
1.Abandon Kansas – A Conversation With The Sky
2.House Of Heroes – Burn Me Down Song from Gotee Records courtesy
3.Showbread – A Man With A Hammer
4.Southbound Fearing – Irresistible
5.HB – The Battle Of God
6.I Anthem – Defense
7.Benjamin Dunn And Friends – Smile On Me
8.sosaveme – Gentle Slope
9.The Rock Music – Captured By Grace
10.Bret DeTar – The Devil’s Gotta ‘Earn
11.The Rose of Sharon – An Angel passes away
12.Sons Of God – Handling
13.Second Chance Summer – Remember

Disc 2 (Worship/Spiritual) (download this disc only)
1.Preson Phillips – Mournful Things
2.The Icarus Account – Yellow Shirt
3.The Frozen Ocean – Caught In The Air
4.Matt Shelton – Let Your Hands Be Strong
5.Ian Mcintosh – Light Of Your Face
6.Lovelite – Invisible One
7.Samuel Oliver – the heavens opened
8.Destroy Nate Allen – Fruit Punch & Alcohol
9.Dinner And A Suit – Where We Started
10.Scott Silletta – Remains The Same Time
11.Southern – Cahaba
12.Everett – La Guardia
13.A White Flag – Sheep Amidst The Wolves

Disc 3 (Metal) (download this disc only)
1.Phineas – Crowns
2.The Chariot – The City
3.Ace Augustine – Justify
4.I The Breather – Destroyer
5.For Today – Whiteflag
6.Life In Your Way – Take Notes
7.War Of Ages – Eternal
8.Righteous Vendetta – Reason
9.Joliet – Buried Alone
10.A Plea For Purging - Shiver
11.Your Chance To Die – Divine Pestilence
12.Altars – Severance
13.Burning Twilight – Peacemaker
14.Onward To Olympas - Seeker
15.Day Of Vengeance – Horseback Riding In Arabia

Disc 4 (Melodic Metal) (download this disc only)
1.Innerwish – The Signs Of Our Lives
2.Sinbreed – Newborn Tomorrow
3.Theocracy – 30 Pieces Of Silver
4.Darkwater – Without A Sound
5.Turbo Hatchet Worship Band – Take Me
6.Semperfi – The Blood That Saved Us All
7.Hands - I Will
8.Holding Onto Hope – Hollow Vessel
9.Mercy Screams – Most Dangerous Game
10.Hope For The Dying – Transcend
11.Vessels Of Veritas – Tonight We Dine
12.Blissed – Sever

Disc 5 (Punk Rock) (download this disc only)
1.Red Fist Revolution – Down In The Valley
2.Pospolite Ruszenie – Zoltarz
3.Miriam – Kymmenen Käskyä Rikottavaksi
4.My Heart Remains – Inside
5.Fivestar Prophet – Save Us (From Ourselves)
6.Codigo Eterno – Te Necessito
7.Craigh’s Brother – Mistake Of Caring
8.Make Up Your Mind – Save The Stage
9.Grave Robber – Lion Of Judah (Our Corpse Destroyed Cover)
10.True Liberty – Take It Back
11.Antydot ‘ – Insensitive
12.Archers & Arrows – Swan Song
13.Blank Pages – Goodbye

Disc 6 (Hardcore) (download this disc only)
1.Gideon – Unworthy
2.Dynasty – Worthlesswilll
3.Desiring Dead Flesh – Hypocrite
4.Dependency – Goliath
5.Debtor – Resolve
6.The Brigade – The Oncoming Hoard (R2D2 3242)
7.Venia – Crux
8.Jawbone – Faithless
9.Overcome – Reverence Part 2
10.Escape From Sickness – Trust

Disc 7 (Heavy) (download this disc only)
1.A Past Unknown – What If You’re Wrong
2.Clear Convictions – Mr. Identity
3.Our Sky Is Falling – You Gave Me A Tree
5.Ark Of The Covenant – The Book Of Life
6.Inevitable End – Dimensions Of Sublime
7.Our Living Memory – Destiny
8.To Leave A Trace – Boatman Is The Hero
9.Above The Abyss – Is Chaos Complexity
10.All Consuming Flood – Fearless
11.Timeless – Battlefield
12.I Am Alpha And Omega – The Stars Will Bleed Your Name
13.In One Accord – Oh King Break Thesis Knees
14.Not Without Aim – Your Worst Life Now


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