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preson phillips wrath

Preson Phillips was one of our first free downloads on this website about two years ago. Since then we have seen Mr. Phillips grow into an incredible song writer, and his latest album, Wrath, is the type of music that you need to sit down to listen to. Its honest, intelligent, and driving. He and his band have crafted a stunning collection of indie folk rock songs that hint at influences of Johnny Cash and John Mark McMillian, but quickly progress into rock that would appeal to fans of Manchester Orchestra and Thrice. Wrath is a beautiful album that will challenge you, and demand repeat listens so that you can fully grasp the fullness of the songs playing.

Now, I do need to confess that this album download is a little different from our normal fare in that the link will not get you the whole album. Preson explains on his website: This record is being released in conjunction with a fundraiser that my church is doing to raise money for a new home that will provide the facilities to effectively minister in our neighborhood. The first half of the record is free, through Come&Live!, and the second half will be available in all online stores (buy it through Amazon MP3 )and through physical CD’s (and will eventually be free also). All of the proceeds will go directly to Watermark Church in Tampa, where I minister as senior pastor, and will be used to launch ministries that will provide counseling for the hurting, food for the poor, friendship for the lonely, and life to all who hear the message of the Gospel in Tampa.

As a cool bonus, here is a video (taken by us) of Preson Phillips performing one of the songs off of Wrath, called “Wandering Soul”

Preson Phillips at Cornerstone 2011 from The ONE21 Music on Vimeo.

Download Wrath by Preson Phillips from Come&Live!

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