Essential Albums 2011: Rock/Indie and Hardcore/Metal

2011 was an incredible year in music. The last twelve months have seen the release of some of the best albums in faith based music in three years, and when we say it was difficult to bring you the absolute essentials, we mean it. Every genre had game changing albums released on the public, some from artists you know and love, but we also saw masterful music flowing through new artists who are no doubt only at the beginning of their musical journey.

With way too much delay, we present to you our celebration of 2011 in music. Feel free to comment and tell us what you think.

The ONE21 Music Essential Rock/ Indie Albums of 2011

Abandon Kansas-Ad Astra Per Aspera
Bare Branches-Haunts
Bodies of Water- Twist Again
Cool Hand Luke- Of Man
Eisley-The Valley
John Mark McMillian- Economy
Maylene & the Sons of Disaster- IV
Manchester Orchestra-Simple Math
Marksmen- Sister of Mine
My Epic-Broken Voice EP
Sleeping At Last- Yearbook
O’Brother-Garden Window
Switchfoot-Vice Verses
This Love-At War
The Violet Burning-The Story of Our Lives

The ONE21 Music Essential Metal/Hardcore Albums of 2011

A Hope For Home-In Abstraction
Becoming The Archetype- Celestial Completion
Close Your Eyes-Empty Hands And Heavy Hearts
Divide The Sea-Fear. Anger. Strife. EP
Hands-Give Me Rest
Hundredth-Let Go
Jawbone-Loss Of Innocence EP
Life In Your Way-Kingdoms
Love Begotten-Ugly, Dirty, Poor
Not One Is Upright-God Is Not A Watchmaker And The World Is Not Ticking
Oh Sleeper-Children Of Fire
Sleeping Giant-Kingdom Days In An Evil Age
The Gun Show-Discontentment

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