American Idol Groups in Hollywood and Vegas

It was a good week in Hollywood and Vegas for Christian musicians on American Idol Season 11.  In the four hours of American Idol this week just about all of our Christian musicians received a lot of love and we even had a Chelsea Sorrell sighting, no performance footage just a sighting. After a sluggish first week in Hollywood we had a whirlwind four hours with Hollywood week groups and final individual performances, the room cuts, a trip to Vegas for a another group round and more final cuts.  We went from 160 contestants to start the group round down to 40 Idol hopefuls by the time the bus pulled out of Vegas.

Baylie Brown, Chase Likens, Eben Franckweitz, Aaron Marcellus, Jeremy Rosado and Colton Dixon all received some screen time and did well.  Aaron Marcellus drove one of the best group performances in Hollywood as Group Sauce slammed through “Hold On (I’m Coming)”.  His solo started the judges whooping and cheering. Jeremy Rosado and Eben Franckewitz shined with their Hollywood group’s version of “Mercy” and Jeremy Rosdao thrilled us again in Vegas when his group performed an intricate version of “Rockin’ Robin”.  However there were three significant developments this week for Christian musicians.

The Emergence of Joshua Ledet

We had not seen Joshua Ledet on American Idol Season 11 until his Hollywood group performed. Then he hit the stage with 697 singing “Hit ‘Em Up Style” and blew everyone else’s socks off. Then during the Vegas group performance of “Blue Suede Shoes” he blew up that song with a sick gospel run in the middle of the song. If all of that was not enough Joshua Ledet stamped himself as a serious contender for American Idol Season 11 with this performance of “Jar of Hearts”:

Adam Brock Asserts His Gospel Blues Cred

Early on Adam Brock said that people have told him there is an old black woman blues singer in his white body. This week he backed up that claim with this performance of “Georgia On My Mind”:

Adam Brock backed that performance up with his Vegas group arrangement of “Great Balls of Fire” that brought the house down.

Jermaine Johnson Channels God’s Voice

Gospel singer Jermaine Johnson caused my jaw to drop and hang open with his exquisite delivery of “Make It Easy On Yourself.”  His deep bass and perfect pitch is one of the most unique voices I have ever heard on American Idol. The performance was made more difficult because of his paring with one of American Idol Season 11′s “villians” Richie Law. Through the difficult preparation, Jermaine Johnson was gentle and patient with Richie’s strong will and demands to dominate preparations. No matter their struggles, watch this stunning performance:

So we have at least a dozen strong Christian musicians in the American Idol Season 11 Top 40 so watch next week as the Top 40 deliver their last performances before the judges make their final decisions. Then check back with us next week for further analysis and re-cap.


  1. Jim Richardson says:

    man, just about every Christian made it!

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