American Idol Season 11 Hollywood Week

My overall assessment of American Idol Season 11 Hollywood Week is too short and not enough.  The episodes were too short and there were not enough performances.  Thursday’s group night episode had no group performances, and really, not even that much drama.  We did not really learn much about any of the performers on Thursday night.  There were some who could not find a group, some who wanted to work later than others and some who monoplized their groups. Nothing new there.

Christian Musicians on American Idol Season 11

Several Christian musicians were featured during Round 1 when more than 160 hopefuls were sent home.  Texan Baylie Brown sang a country song I don’t know and  Baltimore’s Hallie Day sang “Natural Woman”.  Both of them slayed the judges and were passed on through to the group round. Jazz singer Adam Brock unleashed his big, soulful voice on “Walkin’ In Memphis”, to the delight of Jennifer Lopez and the other judges.  Aaron Marcellus unleashed a run so powerful that the American Idol judges stopped him before I could identify the song.  Finally, Jeremy Rasado delivered a soft lilting rendition of “Superstar” that brought goosebumps to Jennifer’s arms.

Nothing more than fleeting, background appearances on either episode by Colton Dixon, Chelsea Sorrell, Chase Likens or Eben Frankewiez.  Let’s hope we get to see them in their group performances this week.

We did identify another Christina musician in American Idol Season 11.  We did not see him this week so keep an eye out for him during the group performances next week.

Joshua Ledet

A 19 year-old son of a preacher man from southern Louisiana. Joshua Ledet (think “lay debt”) seems to be the story book American Idol contestant.  He is a college student he can sing and has a dream. Let’s hope Joshua gets to some face time next week because we have yet to see him on the screen.





Join me next week for another re-cap of American Idol Season 11 Hollywood Week.  Let’s hope we see more performances and less drama.

If you know any Christian musicians on American Idol Season 11 please send us a comment.  We will follow them throughout Season 11 and cheer them on to success.


  1. Jim Richardson says:

    Joshua was great tonight!

  2. Jim Richardson says:

    is that one huge black dude a Christian? The guy they showed singing in a church in auditions..he did Superstar..has a really deep voice. So far a ton of believers made it to next round. Still like Colton best.

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