Free Download: Jeremiah Bonds-American Idolatry

Jeremiah Bonds is kind of a strange dude. You see, as far as I can tell, he is the only artist on Syntax Records (he works for them as well), he has been in the scene for a while now, and he is way good at what he does. Yet, he always gives his stuff away for free. Two albums under his belt and both free for everyone. Im not complaining, just thinking he could make a living off this for sure……

Bonds has an amazing voice, one that is instantly recognizable; that mixed with his ever growing word play abilities, he truly shines on this mixtape. My favorite song is “Blackout”, a fast paced lyrical onslaught over the backbeat of Amy Whinehouse‘s “You Know Im No Good”. In addition, tons of great guest emcees really round out the songs (including Sev Statik, sintax The Terrific, Believin’ Stephen, and many others, but it is the underlying message of rejecting the world’s system of fame and self elevation that makes every track special.

If you want music that is as fun as it is challenging, download this mixtape.

Download American Idolatry by Jeremiah Bonds

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