Free Download:Sandra McCracken-Gravity|Love

Great song writing is hard to find nowadays; but you always know it when you hear it. It strikes something in your ear and it resonates. Good song writing doesn’t always need to be dressed up a ton, and in fact many of Sandra McCracken‘s songs wouldn’t even need instruments in my opinion. She has a great sense of melody that perfectly accents her lyrics, and her orchestration is like icing on the already awesome cake.

In 2006, McCracken released Gravity|Love, a mixture of folk style lyrics and 90s garage rock that once again displayed another solid side of an already well rounded artist. Last week, Sandra announced she was releasing it for free on Noisetrade (which is run by her husband, Derek Webb). Its a solid album, and will defiantly be a great introduction to Sandra’s music. Listen below, consider a donation, and then download. Simple as that.

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