American Idol Season 11 Top 12 Performances

One21music covers Christian musicians performing on American Idol and our Christian musicians are rapidly disappearing from American Idol Season 11. Reports are that Jermaine Jones, the gospel singer with the severely deep voice, has been disqualified from the American Idol Season 11. Rumors are that Jermaine failed to disclose some legal issues that arose in 2011.  That leaves us with only Joshua Ledet and Colton Dixon as Christian musicians on American Idol Season 11.

Season 11 is shaping up to be a season of the girls but three guys Joshua Ledet, Colton Dixon and Phil Phillips look like serious contenders. Check out our American Idol Season 11 Power Rankings to see how all twelve remaining perfomers are faring this season.  Jermaine Jones was teetering on elimination and Elise Testone and Erika Van Pelt need to be great every week.

Tonight, American Idol Season 11 performers are singing songs from the year of their birth. The songs will range from 1983 to 1995.

In a pre-recorded segment,Ryan Seacrest starts the show with an innocuos reference to the elimination of Jermaine Jones.  He doesn’t give any information but does refer to working in connection with law enforcement.

Tonight we will see baby pictures of all the performers and Will.I.Am will be the mentor.

Phil Phillips starts the evening with the story of his difficult premature birth and he is suffering through kidney stones.  In the mentoring segment Phil is in pain battling kidney stones.  Tonight he sings the R&B classic “Hard To Handle”.  This is not the breakthrough, genre twisting performance we are starting to expect from Phil Phillips.  His natural aggressive stage presence and strong technical singing chops carry him through the show.  Randy and the judges gush all over him.  I agree with J-Lo that Phil Phillips is a natural. He has overcome a very difficult health week and delivered a fine performance to start the show.

Our top rated performer, Jessica Sanchez, steps onto the stage next.  She was born in 1995 and has selected “Turn The Beat Around” as her song. Will.I.Am calls her a swagernaut.  She does not even sound like a competitor.  Owning the stage in an appropriately syled disco oufit she just dominates the song and the stage.  Beat changes, pacing, chord changes all delivered as a professional.  Randy and J-Lo are incorrectly advising her to stick to ballads. Randy agrees with the other judges and I do not agree with them.

Comedian Heejun Hahn was born in 1989 and is singing “Right Here Waiting” by Richard Marx.  Starting on a dark stage bathed in red lights he struggles with his pitch a little.  As in past weeks his voice sounds muffled.  He does have a nice moment on the chorus in the middle of the song, but, for the third week in a row Heejun Hahn fails to show me why he is on American Idol Season 11.  Randy really does not like it, calling it pitchy and breathless.  They are right that Heejun Hahan is more an R&B singer.

Elise Testone, born in 1983, is singing Al Green’s ”Let’s Stay Together”.  She has arranged this as a slow ballad.  This is such a great song that I love it in any form and a few bars in she kicks it up into the R&B romp it was meant to be.  I love her growling, rough shod delivery.  I did not love the ending.  It seemed to just stop rather than finish.  Stephen loves her voice and gushes all over her.  J-Lo says it was right on every level.  Randy declares Elise is back.  I agree, that was a wonderful version of one of my favorite songs.

DeAndre Brakensick was born in 1994 and Will.I.Am changed his song choice to “Endless Love.” It did not work for Elise last week let’s see how DeAndre fares.  He performs most of the song in full voice and avoids his falsetto.  This is just okay, there is nothing bad, except for that ending note, but overall it was not very memorable.  J-Lo says the mentors steered him wrong into a bad song choice. Stephen and Randy agree.  I agree with them about the song choice but I am not a big DeAndre fan.

Shannon Magrane will be singing “One Sweet Day” from 1995. Will.I.Am and Jimmy Iovine really had to work with her to get this right. The sound from the television is really terrible with many volume modulations.  Aaargh! Shannon did much better than last week but I am not crazy about it. That was just okay. J-Lo compliments her like she is a four year-old.  Shannon is just not ready for this competition. Randy says she has mad potential and she is fearless.  I did not see what they saw.

Colton Dixon picks an obscure 1991 tune from White Lion, “Broken Heart”.  Even the band did not know that song. Great tension to open the performance, bathed in a spotlight.  In the second verse the band kicks it up into an electro pop rock song.  Colton sings amazingly with big key changes and huge notes.  The crowd goes crazy.  Even J-Lo did not know the song.  Stephen hated the song selection and the performance. Randy loved it, saying that Colton is so good that the song selection does not matter.

Erika Van Pelt sings “Heaven” from 1985. The opening feels a little clumsy.  She spends too much of the first half of the song walking around.  She really just muddled her way through the entire song and she tried way to hard.  I agree with Stephen that she was too busy in the song. Randy liked it but then criticized the performance?  I think Erika Van Pelt is in trouble this week.

The producers televise Jermaine Jones’ disqualification. They reveal four active warrants.  This is odd. Jermaine disagrees with the charges but he lied to the producers and the police, so he must go.

Crazy country girl Skylar Lane, born in 1994, is performing “Love Sneakin’ Up On You”, over the mentors objections.  Skylar certainly is a comfortable performer on stage.  I think the mentors were right that this song does not have a lot to it, but she delivers a solid performance. Stephen likes it and J-Lo says she killed it.  Randy seems bored.  Once again Randy says, doesn’t matter about the song she just sang it well.  I agree, that was one of the best performances of the night.

Our favorite, Joshua Ledet, was born in 1992.  He is singing “When A Man Loves A Woman.” In that white jacket he looks like a fully formed soul singer. I do not have words to describe what Joshua Ledet just did to this song.  Oh my gosh.  This was not even hard for him.  Joshua Ledet just made a statement.  The judges and the crowd just leapt to their feet.  I agree Randy, that was phenomenal.  J-Lo says it was the best performance she has ever seen on American Idol. J-Lo can’t stop saying wow.  That was incredible. It rivals some of the best moments I have ever seen.

Hollie Cavanaugh, born in 1993, is singing “Power of Love”. She now takes on Celine Dion.  First Mariah, then Whitney, now Celine, this girl is fearless. For the first time, Hollie Cavanaugh stumbles with a few swallowed notes. However, using her huge voice she recovers.  I wish they would stop with annoying rotating camera. Wow, that last note did not quite work. That was Hollie’s worst performance of the season.  A boring song performed unevenly.  The judges all loved it, I do not agree.

American Idol Season 11 is being portrayed as the year of the girls.  However, tonight Joshua Ledet owned the night with no even close.  Phil Phillips, Colton Dixon and Elise Testone stood out as well.  I think Erika Van Pelt and Heejun Hahn are in trouble.











  1. Jim Richardson says:

    Man, Joshua and Colton is all we need. HeeJun may be a Christian, he posted something on his facebook page that leans that way.

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