American Idol Season 11 top 12 Power Rankings

American Idol Season 11 Top 13 Power Rankings

Our American Idol Season 11 did not change  much after the perofrmers made the American Idol equivalent of fire walking by performing  the song books of Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder. The top of our  rankings slayed these big songs and several  of the Season 11 performers were undone.  Ultimately, Christian musician  Jeremy Rosado went home this week.

One21music features Christian musicians performing on American  Idol Season 11.  After Jeremy Rosado‘s departure we are down to three Christian musician.   Joshu Ledet, the Lousiana gospel singer comes in at number two in our rankings.  We place alternative rocker Colton Dixon at number four. Six foot eight gospel singer Jermaine Jones ranks number  10.

American Idol Season 11 Top 12 Power Rankings

1) Jessica Sanchez
Oh my gosh! This girl cannot be 16.  on Tuesday night she strolled up to the monster “I’ll Always Love You” made some slight modfications and sang it perfectly.  So perfectly in fact that the judges lept to their feet jumping and cheering.  They had to wait to give her feedback because the crowd would no quiet down.  And,in  case you  missed  it, crumedgeonly  Jimmy Iovine said that Jessica’s performance is the best he has ever heard on American Idol,  ever. I think this girl is number one until she is voted off the show.

2) Joshua Ledet
This week Chrsitian musician answered another question and showed that this young church singer can rock. His version of “I Wish” started the show with a bang. In doing so he proved he rock a crowd with upbeat dance music as well as bring a crowd to its knees with crushing ballads.

3) Phil Phillips

We are now officially Phil Phillips fans.  “Superstition” was edgy and thrilling.  Phil Phillips is one of the only American Idol contestants, throughout all of the seasons who have ever felt legitimately dangerous.  He takes chances, he performs with artistry and he is consistently exciting.  He has some really tough competition but this guy has already done enough on American Idol Season 11 to start his career. I am buying his records.


4) Colton Dixon

Colton Dixon did something unusual. He took a Stevie Wonder song, turned it inside out, and made it seem legitmitely new and fresh. Colton and Phil  are probably the two  best musicians on American Idol Season 11. I think Colton’s cereberal and complex approach may be too much for the American Idol vibe.

5) Hollie Cavanaugh

For the second straight week this diminutive Texan stood in the middle the stage and belted out a huge ballad.  This week it was “All The Man I Need”. Where does all of that power come from? Hollis is at risk of falling into a Pia Toscano rut of big ballads. Does Hollie have the personality to sell uptempo songs? Until she proves that she will remain in th middle of the pack.

6) Skylar Laine

In a week that could have been a minefield for her, Skylar Laine proved she has taker beyond her country girl persona. Yes, she turned “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” into a country pop song, but she did it with power and artistry. Do not underestimate Skylar Laine

7) Erika Van Pelt

Erika made a big comeback this week by by twisting “I Believe In You and Me”into a her version of a rock power ballad.  In doing so, she showed the depth and power of her voice. I think this performance will propel Erika Van Pelt into the American Idol Season 11 top 10.

8) Elise Testone

After a great first week, Elise Testone struggled with a song she did not really know.  During the mentoring session, Jimmy Iovine changed her  song to “I’ll Be You Baby Tonight”. It was probably a good change, if she had any feel for the song.  Her performance and her placement early in the show landed her in the bottom two.

10) Jermaine Jones

Jermaine Jones “Knock Me Off My Feet” was a little boring for me. His voice is gorgeous but  it limits his song selections. I need to see Jermaine bring some excitement to his performance next week or I think he may be in trouble.

11) DeAndre Brackensick

I am sorry, I just don’t get DeBased.  I thought his “Master Blaster” was muddled and frantic. He will continue to be more popular than I think his talent warrants until he is voted off American Idol /season 11.

12) Shannon Magrane

Shannon delivered the worst performance of the week. She may be have reached the maturity of her talent.  I believe that she has two more weeks to find her footing.

13) Heejun Han

I love Heejon humor and his personality but I just don’t get his voice.  He will probably make it into the Top 10 over some people I like better than him.

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