American Idol Season 11 Top 9 Results

After one of the best American Idol nights ever, how can the judges let anyone go home? Every performer delivered one of their best performances of the year on a night that started with an emotional whirlwind and then ended with two amazing performances.

We saw the real Elise Testone last night and she is a rock goddess.  And then there was Joshua Ledet who delivered the single most amazing interpretation of a ridiculously difficult song, as if he were singing a Lana Del Ray song.  These two took the prizes for best performances.  However, the entire evening was opened up for something special as Christian musician Colton Dixon laid his heart on the stage with his favorite worship song.  That opened a torrent of emotion into the American Idol studio that never really abated.  I suspect that everyone was drained after the show last night.

Stevie Nicks was phenomenal as a mentor and really led the American Idol Season 11 performers to deliver a very special evening.

I think there is a tremendous chance that the judges will save the person who finishes last in the voting tonight.  I think there are three people left in the competition who have virtually no shot at winning, but I think the judges might even reward one of them with the judges save.  But enough speculation, let’s see what happens.

Ryan Seacrest is proud to announce the Aerosmith 2012 Tour, which was announced on Tuesday. Niki Manji and Scott McCreery are performing tonight.

Last night’s show generated a lot of twitter activity from music royalty such as Carrie Underwood and Mariah Carey, and Eric Benet showed up to congratulation DeAndre Brakensick on last night’s performance.

First up for results are Elise Testone, Phil Phillips and Hollie Cavanaugh. Could Hollie make her first trip to the bottom three? Yep, Ryan leads off by telling Hollie Cavanaugh that she is in the bottom three. Phil Phillips and Elise Testone are both safe.

Thirty minutes in and time for more results with our Christian musicians Colton Dixon, Heejun Hahn and Joshua Ledet. Who is safe? Colton Dixon and Joshua Ledet are safe and Heejun Hahn is in the bottom three.

Christian musician Scott McCreery may be on his way to becoming the most successful American Idol winner ever.  Jimmy Iovine just presented him with his platinum album for selling one million copies of his debut “Clear As Day.”  No other Idol has ever done that. Given tonight’s performance, this will probably not be Scott McCreery’s last platinum album.

Now it is time for Skylar Laine, DeAndra Brakensick and Jessica Sanchez to face America’s music. Jessica Sanchez is safe.  The final person in the bottom three is Skylar Laine and DeAndre Brakensick is safe. That is surprising and disappointing.

Five minutes to the finish.  Skylar Laine is sent to safety it is down to two and Heejun Hahn has the fewest votes this week.  The judges save is a toss up. He is singing “A Song For You”.   I think he did a better job than he did last night. But the judges do not save him.  As much as we like Heejun, this is the right decision.

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  1. Please don’t stop blogging about the American Idol shows! I check what you have to say about the performances to get me hyped for watching the show. I always have to watch it online after I get off work, so keep up the great commentary!

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